2011-2012 Management Accountability Framework : Management Response

The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) contains a set of Areas of Management, such as citizen-focussed service, financial management and control, people management and investment planning and project management. On an annual basis, Treasury Board Secretariat reviews certain Areas of Management for all departments and agencies. MAF represents an important tool to support departments and agencies in strengthening management practices.

In response to the Round IX (2011-2012) Management Accountability Framework Assessment, the Public Health Agency of Canada has prepared the following management response to highlight the Agency’s efforts to further improve its management practices:

Public Health Agency of Canada’s Management Response

The Public Health Agency of Canada is pleased to receive commendation from Treasury Board Secretariat in its Round IX assessment for improved results. The Agency remains committed to continued refinement and strengthening of our management practices through this assessment process.

In total, for the 11 Areas of Management on which the Agency was assessed, it received 8 “acceptable” ratings. Three Areas of Management were given a rating of “opportunity for improvement”, and the Agency has responded in these areas as follows:

  1. Citizen-focused Service: To demonstrate a corporate-wide approach to service improvement, the Agency has drafted its first Service Management Improvement Plan. Through this plan, the Agency describes its priority setting processes for service improvement, monitoring and reporting of performance against established service standards.
  2. Asset Management: The Agency is developing a Real Property Framework and supporting policies to ensure effective management and oversight of those Agency assets independent from the recently established Health Portfolio Shared Services Partnership.
  3. Investment Planning and Project Management: The Agency has developed an Investment Plan covering the 2011-2016 timeframe, and has completed a project management capacity assessment in accordance with Treasury Board policy. The Agency received approval of its Investment Plan and project management capacity assessment on January 31, 2013.
  4. While not formally identified as an Area of Management requiring improvement, Treasury Board Secretariat also provided valuable feedback on the Agency’s approach to integrated risk management. As a result, the Agency has refined its Corporate Risk Profile to document continuous improvement in the identification and management of risks through its governance, planning and reporting processes.

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