CCDR: Volume 40-5, March 6, 2014: Lyme disease


Inside this issue: Lyme disease

This issue is about Lyme disease – where it is, where it may be emerging, how to assess Lyme disease risk locally, and what's being done to manage it.

Table of contents

Environmental risk from Lyme disease in central and eastern Canada: a summary of recent surveillance information
Ogden NH, Koffi, JK, Pelcat Y, Lindsay LR

New Public Health Intervention
Assessment of a screening test to identify Lyme disease risk
Ogden NH, Koffi JK, Lindsay LR

Summary of the Public Health Agency of Canada's Action Plan on Lyme disease
Harymann M, Ogden N, Lindsay R, Lawless V, Dielgat M and Sternthal S

Lyme disease prevention and control: The way forward
Beard CB

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