CCDR: Volume 41-9, September 3, 2015: Big Data


Inside this issue: Big Data

Big Data has begun to transform how we identify, track and control infectious diseases. Big Data is produced through the analysis of large data sets to glean information that was previously unavailable. Initially pioneered in statistical analysis and computing, Big Data is increasingly being employed in scientific research. In this issue, read how Big Data from national pharmaceutical sales can help track influenza and other infectious diseases, how scanning 3,000 news items daily from around the world in close to real-time can help identify emerging infectious diseases, how genome sequencing has increased our detective capacity to track the origins of outbreaks and how the analysis of multiple datasets can even help predict future outbreaks.

Table of contents

Evaluation of a national pharmacy-based syndromic surveillance system
Muchaal PK, Parker S, Meganath K, Landry L, Aramini J

Big Data and the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN)
Dion M, AbdelMalik P, Mawudeku A

Big data is changing the battle against infectious diseases
Links M

ID News
Big Data and predicting, preventing and controlling outbreaks

Big Data and ethics

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