Appendix A: Economic Burden of Illness in Canada, 2005–2008 – List of abbreviations

Appendix A: List of Abbreviations

ACCS Ambulatory Care Classification System
CANSIM Canadian Socio-economic Information Management System
CCHS Canadian Community Health Survey
CCRS Continuing Care Reporting System
CDTI Canadian Disease and Therapeutic Index
CIHI Canadian Institute for Health Information
CMDB Canadian Management Information Systems Database
CPWC Cost per weighted case
CS CompuScript
CV Coefficient of variation
DAD Discharge Abstract Database
EBIC Economic Burden of Illness in Canada
FP Friction period
HMDB Hospital Morbidity Database
HMHDB Hospital Mental Health Database
ICD International Classification of Diseases
LOP Loss of productivity
LOS Length of stay
NACRS National Ambulatory Care Reporting System
NDP Net domestic product
NHEX National Health Expenditure Database
NRS National Rehabilitation Reporting System
OMHRS Ontario Mental Health Reporting System
PHAC Public Health Agency of Canada
RIW Resource Intensity Weight
SCIPP System for Classification of In-Patient Psychiatry
SWPD SCIPP weighted patient day
UD Unemployment duration
USC Uniform System of Classification

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