ARCHIVED: Appendix 1: Learning from SARS: Renewal of public health in Canada – Interviews and submissions


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As part of the Committee's fact finding phase, it conducted interviews with front-line health care providers and administrators, as well as personnel from various organizations and levels of government involved in managing the SARS outbreak. The Committee also put out a call for submissions to health care associations, non-governmental organizations, and relevant industry stakeholders. The call for submissions offered these groups an opportunity to relay their experiences with SARS, the lessons they learned from the outbreak, and their views on how the public health system needs to be improved.

The following are lists of individuals that were interviewed and submissions that were received.





Dr. Ian Johnson

Dept. of Public Health Sciences, UofT

June 3

Dr. Mary Vearncombe

Director, Infection Control, SWCHSC

June 6

Dr. Anita Rachlis

Infectious Disease Consultant, SWCHSC

Dr. Andrew Simor

Infectious Disease Consultant, SWCHSC

Prof. Sujit Choudhry

Faculty of Law, UofT

June 13

Prof. Harvey Skinner

Dept. of Public Health Sciences, UofT

June 16

Dr. Mark Cheung

General Internal Medicine, SWCHSC

June 16

Mr. Doug Hunt

Counsel to Public Health Investigation

June 17,
July 11,
August 18

Mr. Justice Archie Campbell

Investigator under the Public Health Act

Mr. Frank Lussing

CEO York Central Hospital
(Committee member)

June 18

Mr. Malcolm Moffatt

CEO St. John's Rehabilitation

Dr. Ronn Goldberg

Radiologist-in-chief, North York
General Hospital

June 19

Ms. Janet Beed

VP, COO – Toronto General Hospital

June 20

Ms. Janet Davidson

President, Toronto East General

Dr. Raziel Gershater

Radiologist, North York General Hospital

June 24

Mr. Bill Tholl


June 24

Dr. Dana Hanson

President, CMA

Dr. Isra Levy

Director of Public Health, CMA

Dr. Denise Werker

WHO CDS, Geneva

June 25,
June 26

Dr. Arlene King

Director of Immunization and Respiratory
Diseases, Population and Public
Health Branch, Health Canada

Ms. Pegeen Walsh

Special Advisor to Regional Director General
Health Canada-Ontario/Nunavut Region

June 25

Dr. Bob Lester

Executive VP - SWCHSC

June 25

Dr. James Young

Commissioner of Public Safety

June 26

Dr. Rob Horvath

Assistant Director, Emergency Services,
North York General Hospital

July 1

Dr. John Frank

Scientific Director, Institute for Population
and Public Health, CIHR

July 2

Dr. David Mowat

Director-General of the Centre for
Surveillance Coordination, Population
and Public Health Branch, Health Canada

July 3

Dr. Don Low

Microbiologist-in-Chief, Mt. Sinai Hospital

July 3

Dr. Allison McGeer

Director, Infection Control, Mt. Sinai Hospital
(Committee member)

Dr. Richard Schabas

Chief of Staff, York Central Hospital

July 3

Dr. Colin D'Cunha

Commissioner of Public Health, OMHLTC

July 7

Dr. Kumanan Wilson

General Internal Medicine, UHN & Institute
of Intergovernmental Relations,
Queen's University

July 7

Mr. Gerry Dafoe


July 8

Dr. David Mowat

Health Canada

Ms. Gail Paech

Assistant Deputy Minister - Long-term Care,

July 8

Mr. Phil Jackson

Director, Health Information and
Science Branch, OMHLTC

Dr. Paul Gully

Senior Director General, Population
and Public Health Branch, Health Canada

July 9

Dr. Mona Loutfy

Infectious Disease Consultant, SWCHSC/
North York General

July 10

Mr. Tom Closson


July 11

Dr. Michael Gardham

Director, Infection Control, UHN

Ms. Gillian Howard

VP Public Affairs, UHN

Dr. Bill Sibbald

Physician in Chief, SWCHSC

July 11

Dr. Phillip Ellison

Family Medicine, UHN

July 15

Dr. Barbara Mederski

Director of Infection Control,
North York General Hospital

July 15

Ms. Bonnie Adamson

CEO, North York General Hospital

July 23

Ms. Bonnie Adamson

CEO, North York General Hospital

July 31

Dr. Keith Rose

VP - Medical Affairs,
North York General Hospital


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  • Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment
  • Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
  • Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions
  • Canadian Healthcare Association
  • Canadian Hospital Epidemiology Committee
  • Canadian Infectious Disease Society
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • Canadian Public Health Association
  • Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Catholic Health Association of Canada
  • Community and Hospital Infection Control Association of Canada
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