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A stylized map of Africa onscreen.
Video title reads: #FightEbola- Making a difference

Cindi, a Bacteriology and Enteric Diseases researcher with the Public Health Agency of Canada, on camera.

I was deployed to West Africa, to Sierra Leone, in the Kailahun district, to work in the mobile laboratory and provide mobile lab services to MSF or "Doctor without borders" CMC treatment center.

Photo: Medical staff standing outside of the security fence perimeter surrounding a quarantined high-risk Ebola area.

Photo: After leaving the quarantined high-risk Ebola area, medical staff wearing personal protective equipment are disinfecting and undressing themselves.

Photo: A mother sees her daughter through the security fence inside the high-risk Ebola area. The daughter is being held and taken care of by an aid worker, wearing personal protective equipment.

Cindi, on camera.

So the specific tasks that we did were the infield diagnostics. So we would receive blood samples from the doctors at the treatment center everyday about 9am and we would process those blood samples to determine who had Ebola and who did not.

Photo: A research scientist in a mobile laboratory placing a vial into a centrifuge.

Photo: A research scientist in a mobile laboratory inserting a specimen into a vial.

Photo: A researcher scientist in a mobile laboratory handling a vial containing a blood sample.

Cindy, on camera.

When we arrived there was a bit of a back log of patients because they didn't have the diagnostic capabilities on site for a few weeks before our arrival.  So within our first few days, actually a lot of convalescent patients we're released because they we're no longer showing evidence of Ebola within their blood.  And those were, those were some quite happy days.

Photo of a Nurse seated in a crowded hospital lobby holding a young child in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

Photo of a Public Health Agency of Canada doctor standing inside a mobile diagnostic laboratory tent in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

Photo of a nurse wearing personal protective equipment. The nurse is sitting with a young child on her lap, inside the quarantined high-risk Ebola area in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Cindy, on camera.
Seeing people released back in their community, reunited with the family that they have left is a pretty good experience.

So if there was another outbreak or a similar outbreak requiring the mobile lab capacity that we have, I would definitely volunteer to go as well.

You could actually see your results being utilized in real time and that as a scientist is great satisfaction.

We have the skills, the ability and the expertise to help and if we are in the position to help, why not help?

Narrator (Voice):
Join the fight against Ebola. To find out how you could make a difference visit

A stylized map of Africa onscreen.

Video title reads: #FightEbola - Making a difference

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