Testimonials of people living with HIV: Described video



(Live action video compiling clips of 5 different testimonial interviews. Features Daniel, a man in a wheelchair, a man named Carlos, a woman named Marvelous, a man named Pierre, and a person named Dee.)

(Opening music playing.)

(Wide shot of Daniel in a wheelchair, staring out towards a large body of water followed by shot of him indoors, speaking to camera.)


There’s so many opportunities that I never thought I could, never thought I would have or never thought I was worth having, and, yeah, I’m really excited.

(Close-up of 2 people outdoors, walking hand-in-hand followed by person seated in a living room, speaking directly to camera.)


Knowing that you can’t transmit the virus once you’re undetectable, like that’s a big deal. It’s a huge deal. It’s a huge breakthrough in HIV science.

(Cut to a medium shot of Carlos, seated in living room, speaking directly to camera, followed by a montage of shots of the man standing on his balcony.)

Text on screen: U = U (undetectable = untransmittable)


Not everybody living with HIV is aware of what U = U is. It’s something that would change my life as a person living with HIV.

(Marvelous seen standing outdoors, in urban setting.)


Finding out about U = U was transformative.

(Daniel seen indoors with woman who is his mother, holding hands and drinking tea.) 


Destigmatizing myself and learning the actual medical facts about it, really changed everything.

(Montage of various shots of Pierre on his motorcycle.)

Text on screen: Treatment prevents the transmission of HIV.


It doesn’t mean that you’re cured. You have to continue taking your medication, but you can no longer transmit the illness to someone else.

(Cut back to Daniel speaking directly to camera in his living room.)


I have a chronic manageable illness just like someone with diabetes. Take your medication every day and you’re good.

(Cut back to Marvelous standing outdoors smiling at camera followed by her seated indoors, speaking directly to camera.)


I didn’t let HIV stop me from getting the dreams that I wanted to.

(Cut to montage Pierre riding motorcycle and seen indoors speaking directly to camera.)

Text on screen: People with HIV on treatment can live long and healthy lives.


When I look back at the outlook I had in 1985, when they told me I had 2 years to live, and when I look at where I am today, I find that my life is absolutely exceptional.

(Cut to montage of various shots of Dee holding a camera, walking and taking pictures with their partner, in an urban setting.)


I just hope people take the opportunity to just learn more about it. For someone who’s newly diagnosed, I would say educate yourself and reach out to the HIV-AIDS community because, for me, that’s one of my biggest, biggest regrets, is not doing that sooner.

(Cut to Daniel outdoors, starring out at a large body of water.) 


I feel it’s absolutely possible to be living my best life right now.

(Back to Carlos in his living room speaking to camera, followed by shot of him outdoors smiling to camera.) 


When you hear people living with HIV talking about U = U, it’s tears of joy.

Text on screen:  Get the facts about HIV. Together, let’s stop stigma. Visit Canada.ca/hiv.

(Canada wordmark.)


A message from the Government of Canada.

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