The flu: don't pass it on!

Transcript - The flu: don't pass it on!

Transcript - The flu: don't pass it on!

Each year up to 7 million Canadians get the flu.

See how easily it spreads…

Animated video. Snapshots of people are pinned to a corkboard, similar to a police evidence board.  A mug shot of a woman has the letter "A" written next to her head. Sticky note says "No flu shot".

Let's look in on Person "A" who has not had a flu shot.

The woman is looking very ill.

Over the next few days, she will get sick with the flu.

Woman coughs into her hand and rubs her cheek.  

She woke up this morning with a fever, cough, sore throat and headache.

"A" goes to pharmacy to buy flu medicine and coughs into her hand.

New photo of the woman with a shopping cart in a pharmacy. She coughs into her hand and we see saliva flying from her mouth onto her hand and the shopping cart.  

 Her hand on the cart handle is showing germs.  A red circle is drawn around her hand.

 A line is drawn on the corkboard, bringing us to a photo of Grandpa. The letter "B" is written above his head.

 Woman "A" and Grandpa "B" exchange greetings.

"A" greets her grandfather "B" at the pharmacy refraining from the usual hug, and kisses, but still transferring some germs on to his hands when she picks up an item on the floor that grandpa dropped.

The woman picks up a box dropped by Grandpa and hands it to him. Germs from her hands are transferred onto the box, and then to Grandpa.  

Sticky note reads "After age 65, the immune system starts to weaken."

Grandpa shakes hands with an old friend "C", who happens to be undergoing treatment for cancer and has a weakened immune system.

 A line is drawn on the corkboard from Grandpa to Grandpa's friend, a grey-haired  lady.  She has the letter "C" written above her head. Sticky note reads "At higher risk of complications from the flu."

"C" goes off to play cards with friends.

Not all have had flu shots.

Getting a flu shot helps stop the chain reaction.

New picture of grandpa's friend "C" and three older people playing cards. Two are protected by bubbles to show they have been immunized. Sticky note reads: "Protected: got the flu shot". Two other card players do not have bubbles around them. 

Later that day, the shopping cart that "A" held onto with her germy hand, is then taken by customer "D" with her baby.

 Lines are drawn from the shopping cart photo to a new photo of a Mother and her baby. The letter "D" is written above them. Picture of the baby sitting in a shopping cart sucking on the cart's handle. A red circle is drawn showing germs on the handle.

Mother "D" and baby go off to play group together, continuing the chain reaction.

Other picture showing baby and mother in play group setting. Sticky note reads: "Babies under six months are too young to get a flu shot"  

Have YOU gotten your flu shot?

Protect yourself and those around you.

The flu: don't pass it on!

 The entire diorama of dozens of photos on the corkboard is revealed. Lines grow to connect many of the photos together. We see that all the photos are set on a map of Canada.

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