Vaccination: Are we there yet?

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Transcript - Vaccination: Are we there yet?

Vaccination Video
Described Video text with Narration

Text on Screen written by hand: Vaccination: Are we there yet?

Whooping cough.

A series of cartoon characters, representing different diseases are drawn on screen.

It's easy to forget that diseases like these, which were common in childhood not so long ago, are now almost never seen in Canada…

Each cartoon character is shown individually in full screen, then zoom out to show all five again.

…thanks to… vaccines

Hand draws a cartoon syringe then a bottle with the label "Vaccine" on it. Syringe puts arm around bottle.

Have you heard of polio?

Hand draws sinister polio cartoon character.

Think… iron lung… paralysis…. deformities of the legs and arms. Polio once affected up to 5,000 Canadians each year.

Silhouette images of several humans appear, one with crutches, one in wheelchair. Then polio character shrinks substantially in size. 

Families actually lined up to get the vaccine.

Cartoon of physician holding syringe appears from side.

Today there's no polio in Canada. From 5,000 cases to 0 cases a year.

Hand draws map of Canada.

TEXT ON SCREEN - Number 5,000 appears then is replaced by a zero.

Because parents made sure their children were vaccinated, Canada has been polio free for over 20 years!

Polio character appears on screen looking fearful. A large red X is drawn over the character. Character disappears in a puff of smoke.

TEXT ON SCREEN - 20 years

What about smallpox?

Cartoon character of smallpox, full of bumps on its body, falls into frame.

Lots of people don't even know what it is now… It's a very contagious infection that causes blisters all over the face, arms and legs.

Three people in hospital beds appear. Small smallpox character jumps from bed to bed. Many red spots appear on faces and chests of people.

It once killed a lot of people… up to 3,000 a year in Canada… until vaccines wiped it out completely!

Smallpox character reappears large on centre of screen then a large cartoon syringe lands on top of it and it disappears.


And that's why we don't have to vaccinate for it anymore!

Cartoon syringe, lying down, waves.

Wouldn't it be great if that happened to other diseases?

Three other disease characters appear on screen.

We're getting close… whooping cough - 93% gone, chickenpox - 99% gone, measles 99% gone.

Each character disappears and is replaced with a number.

TEXT on screen - 93%, 99%, 99%

Remember the reason for these successes - vaccines.

Three characters are replaced by smiling syringe character.

Today, for many diseases, the majority of kids in Canada are vaccinated.

Green box appears with three disease characters standing on top but wobbling.

TEXT ON SCREEN - Vaccinated

That's great - but we've got to keep going to wipe out more diseases.

Camera zooms out and reveals a chart and green box is a progress bar showing percentage of people vaccinated. Numerous diseases fall to the bottom of the screen. All disappear in a puff of smoke.

We all have a part to play. Talk to your health care provider about vaccines - and keeping them up to date for yourself and your kids.

Hand draws stethoscope on screen.


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TEXT ON SCREEN - Canada wordmark with waving flag

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