Priority Portal user manual: General introduction

1. General introduction

This user manual was developed by the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) to make it easier for persons with a priority entitlement to use the Priority Portal and to better understand the different sections that persons must complete. Additionally, the manual presents and explains the new functions in the Priority Information Management System (PIMS) that a person's home organization must use.

This manual contains detailed information on the Priority Portal and general information on the Priority Entitlement Program. It does not replace current agreements, directives, policies or legislation governing administration of priority entitlement, but, rather, provides an overview of how it works.

1.1 Background and objectives

The Priority Information Management System (PIMS) is managed by the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) and helps to ensure that entitlements are respected, as mandated by the Public Service Employment Act and the Public Service Employment Regulations. For more information on the Priority Entitlement Program, please consult the Guide on Priority Entitlements.

In order to best support organizations and persons with a priority entitlement, the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) has implemented a series of enhancements to PIMS. All of these changes are intended to increase the transparency and effectiveness of the Priority Entitlement Program, while aiming for shared responsibility among the different stakeholders: Hiring organizations, home organizations, persons with a priority entitlement and the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC).

The Priority Portal is a secure electronic interface connected to the PIMS database that is used by persons to view, add and update their personal information with respect to their priority entitlement. The active engagement of the person makes the Priority Entitlement Program more efficient and transparent. It is the responsibility of home organizations to validate, approve and activate in a timely manner, in PIMS, the data entered by persons regarding their registration and requested updates.

The purpose of the Priority Portal is to make it easier to register persons and to update and maintain information. This responsibility is shared by organizations and persons with a priority entitlement and allows them to be proactive in their employment search. Accurate, up-to-date information leads to better matching of employment opportunities to persons with a priority entitlement.

For more information please consult the Guide on Priority Entitlements.

1.2 How the user manual works

The Priority Portal User Manual was developed to ensure that all of the stakeholders using it can obtain information that is relevant to them without having to consult several sources. It contains templates, hyperlinks and information about the Priority Entitlement Program. Each section contains separate explanations for persons with a priority entitlement and organizations. The manual covers each section of the Priority Portal from the initial registration to updating of information.

The manual has been organized to make it easy to move from one section to another. Each section begins with an introduction of the roles and responsibilities of each party, followed by the steps involved to complete the section. An example of each section is also provided to facilitate and illustrate the explanations given.

1.3 Privacy Notification Statement

The Priority Portal respects privacy rights, including the protection of the personal information voluntarily provided in the online Priority Portal registration. Persons must conduct a secure log-in before accessing the Priority Portal. The secure log-in process is highly reliable and protects access.

  • the person's private information is gathered in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act and pursuant to the Public Service Employment Act, and the Employment Equity Act. All personal information is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act
  • the information provided will be used by the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) and shared with federal organizations in order to identify potential persons who may be considered and appointed to positions in the public service and
  • employment equity (EE) information may be used to recruit EE-designated groups. It should be noted that EE-related information that is entered in the Priority Portal or the Priority Information Management System may be shared with federal organizations each time a Priority Clearance Request is submitted for an employment opportunity, regardless of whether EE is one of the screening or selection criteria

Click on the Terms and Conditions link for further information about the policies and practices with regard to the protection of private information.

1.4 Need help?

The human resources (HR) advisor within your home organization should always be your first point of contact to discuss matters related to your entitlement.

For questions, or to address any concerns or problems with the Priority Portal, please contact our Priority Entitlements Program General Information Line:

Toll-free: 1-855-235-3113
Local (National Capital Region): 819-420-6931

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