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Ready to tap into a pool of existing, assessed candidates to simplify your staffing process and save you time? Let's get you started.

The Public Service Commission (PSC)'s five regional offices manage the process to create public service–wide pools and inventories to meet similar hiring needs of federal government organizations.

These pools and inventories are efficient means to staffing positions in the federal government and offer many benefits to hiring organizations:

  • They are created by experienced staffing specialists using reliable assessment tools;
  • They satisfy staffing needs easily and using fewer resources;
  • Their processes are customizable to meet organizational needs;
  • They provide highly qualified candidates; and
  • They are cost effective, as the candidate referrals are free of charge.

If you cannot find an existing public service–wide pool or inventory that meets your staffing needs, or if you have questions that are not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), contact the regional office closest to you to discuss possible options. It really is that simple.


What is a public service–wide pool?

A public service–wide pool is an external or internal advertised appointment process created to meet the hiring needs of multiple federal government organizations. The PSC creates and manages these types of pools to staff similar positions, such as administrative positions, that exist in more than one federal organization. Pools make the hiring process more efficient.

Will the hiring organization be responsible for conducting candidate assessments?

Qualified candidates in our public service–wide pools have been assessed by the PSC based on all essential qualifications indicated on the Statement of Merit Criteria, with the exception of the Second Language Evaluation, Test of Oral Proficiency (SLE-TOP) for bilingual positions.

The hiring organization will be responsible for scheduling the SLE-TOP and/or for the assessment of other merit criteria, such as asset qualifications or operational requirements, if applicable.

What is a public service–wide inventory?

A public service–wide inventory, which can be an external or internal advertised appointment process, is different from a public service–wide pool in that no assessment of candidates is completed to establish the inventory (except in the case of Post-Secondary Recruitment inventories). Inventories tend to have a large number of applicants and may still be active (i.e. accepting applications) when referrals are provided to hiring organizations. Applicants may self-report on some criteria via the application process, thus providing a base of information to be used when the assessment begins.


Here is what some of our federal government organization clients had to say about our services:

"Professional, courteous, discreet; an exceptional service and the result -- a highly qualified employee." (translation)

Biosphere, Environment Canada, Montréal, Quebec

"Staffing through the PSC was one of the most efficient, hassle free processes I have ever been part of. Not only did the PSC provide great service but the calibre of the new staff is unbelievable! The candidates were from a CR-04 pool. This process was a windfall for me and the bonus is that the candidates are also happy with their positions and are truly the "right fit" for the office."

Manager, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

"Since my heavy workload doesn't leave me a lot of time, I was relieved to have access to the PSC's pool of CR-04 candidates (Quebec Region). They sent me skilled candidates, allowing me to quickly fill two urgent positions with very dynamic and professional candidates. This allowed me the time to manage my directorate's priorities." (translation)

Manager, Integrity Services Branch, Service Canada, Montréal, Quebec

If you have previously accessed our public service–wide pools or inventories, or have other related general comments, we want to hear from you!

How to apply

Are you interested in applying as a candidate to a public service–wide pool or inventory? Select the link below to search for pools and inventories currently accepting applications (search by organization by selecting “Public Service Commission of Canada”):


At times there may not be any public service-wide pools and inventories accepting applications, but we encourage you to check back on a regular basis.

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