The Candidate Achievement RecordĀ  Candidate Information

What is it and how does it work?

  • The Candidate Achievement Record (CAR) is a tool that assesses key leadership competencies through self-reported examples of your past performance and work-related achievements.
  • In order to complete your CAR, you will receive a Candidate Booklet that includes the definition of each competency being assessed, as well as the specific behaviours that relate to each competency. The booklet also includes examples of completed CARs and instructions on how to describe your achievements.
  • Once you receive your Candidate Booklet, you will be given between one and two weeks to complete your CAR.
  • Using the template provided in your booklet, you will describe, in a structured manner, past achievements which best illustrate how you have demonstrated the specific leadership competencies and their associated behaviours in the context of your work.
  • You must also provide the name and contact information of a person who can validate each achievement described.
  • Your CAR will be evaluated by trained assessors at the Personnel Psychology Centre using a rating scale ranging from 1 to 5. The selection committee for the competition to which you are applying will determine the pass mark for the each competency evaluated by the CAR.
  • While you cannot study for this assessment, you can start thinking about past experiences where you have demonstrated the competencies assessed in this process.

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