Group workshops

Our workshops may be of interest to HR representatives, hiring managers or senior managers looking to offer training activities to groups of executives and aspiring leaders.

Workshops are generally for groups of up to 20 people and are led by an assessment specialist and an executive consultant.

How to prepare for EX interviews

This half-day workshop helps participants to learn more about the following topics:

  • key leadership competencies
  • preparing for the interview: self-knowledge, knowledge of the organization and of the position
  • types of interview questions and how to answer them
  • what to do on interview day
  • questions and answers

The group workshop may be followed up by individual coaching.

Becoming an Executive: Reflections

This half-day workshop helps participants reflect on their current career path as managers and addresses factors affecting the decision to become an executive. The target audience is people who have yet to decide whether they are interested in pursuing an executive career path. The following topics will be covered:

  • what to expect as an executive (issues and challenges in the federal public service, leadership challenges, findings from the APEX new executives survey)
  • a closer look at leadership (defining leadership, suitability, key leadership competencies)
  • strategies and resources for moving forward

Recommended budget

Our workshops are offered on a cost-recovery basis. We can help you to select and combine workshops that best address your organizational needs.

  • Half-day workshop: * $1,760 per group

* Additional project management costs may apply

Visit the Request our workshops page for information on funding arrangements, costs and payment methods, our policies, and to submit a request.

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