Post-Secondary Co-op/Internship Program: Information for managers

Hire top students who’ll bring the latest skills, expertise and knowledge in their field to your public service job opportunities. Partner with academic institutions to fill full-time or part-time placements, and enjoy the benefits:

  • renew your workforce: inject new energy, fresh ideas and perspectives into your workplace
  • access a diverse talent pool, and hire employment equity groups to represent the population we serve
  • choose from thousands of academic programs across Canada
About co-op/internship students

Students enrolled in university and college/CEGEP co-operative and internship programs require on-the-job experience. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a program that is on our list of validated post-secondary academic institutions and programs. They must also meet other eligibility criteria.

How it works

As a hiring manager, you’ll work directly with program coordinators at academic institutions to identify co-op or internship students who qualify for your job opportunity. You’ll also need the guidance of your HR advisor.

To hire a student through this program:

  1. Select the institution(s) and program(s) by searching through the list of validated post-secondary academic institutions and programs.
  2. Connect with the program coordinator(s) at the selected institution(s) to determine the best way to reach students for your job opportunity. The coordinator will connect you with potential students, or post your job advertisement on campus notice boards and refer students to you.
  3. Discuss next steps with your HR advisor and the program coordinator.
  4. Hire your student!
Don’t forget
  • Plan 4 months in advance to attract diverse and talented students
  • Ask your student if they require accommodations
  • Provide your student with a great onboarding experience (this link is accessible only on the Government of Canada network) and constructive feedback throughout their placement
To make an offer (hires or re-hires)

Determine your student's rate of pay based on Treasury Board’s Student Rates of Pay

See Annex B of the Appointment Policy for the information you need to retain. At minimum, you’ll need:  

Re-hiring students

To re-hire students originally hired through the Federal Student Work Experience Program, Post-Secondary Co-op/Internship Program or Research Affiliate Program:

  • check that they continue to meet student eligibility criteria
  • contact your HR advisor for your department’s requirements for re-hiring students

If your co-op/internship student requires an additional work term to graduate, you’ll need to get approval from the student's post-secondary academic institution.

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