Canadian surface combatant

Design of the future Canadian surface combatant will be based on BAE’s Type 26 warship

Design of the future Canadian surface combatant will be based on BAE’s Type 26 warship


The Canadian surface combatant (CSC) project, under the National Shipbuilding Strategy, will replace both the Iroquois-class destroyers and the Halifax-class multi-role patrol frigates with a single class of ship capable of meeting multiple threats on both the open ocean and the highly complex coastal environment. This project will equip the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) with 15 new, state-of-the-art warships to bolster Canada’s naval capabilities at home and abroad, for decades to come. The CSC project is the largest and most complex shipbuilding initiative in Canada since World War II.

The CSC ships will be able to conduct a broad range of tasks, in various scenarios, including:

The CSC project supports National Defence’s delivery of Canada's defence policy:

Our North, Strong and Free: A Renewed Vision for Canada’s Defence

It also delivers on other important National Shipbuilding Strategy priorities, such as providing social and economic benefits for Canada through its Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy.

Project at a glance


Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Project status

Design phase

Number of vessels to be built


Project budget

$56 to $60 billion

First vessel delivery

Early 2030s

Current status

The project is currently in the definition (design) phase. The design team from Lockheed Martin Canada (LMC) was competitively selected to provide the CSC design, which is based on BAE’s Type 26 frigate. The design team, along with Irving Shipbuilding Inc., continues to develop the final design for the CSC.

Construction activities on the first ship are underway on the production test module. The test module will allow the shipyard to develop and test project-specific build processes and establish new supply chains, as well as reduce costs by applying lessons learned to achieve efficiencies ahead of building the full ship.

In addition, work on developing the implementation contract for ship construction continues to advance.

The year ahead

Progress of the project


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