Pay your taxes online

Video: No more cheques: Pay your business taxes online

You can pay your individual, payroll, GST/HST and business taxes online. It’s faster, easier and cheaper, especially if you’re making more than one payment a year. Watch this video to find out more!

Pay by online banking
Easy to use: you pay the same way you pay your phone or hydro bill.

Pay by debit card
Save time: you can make several payments in one simple transaction.

Pay by credit card
Fast and simple: you can make a payment with your credit card by using a third-party service provider.

Pay by pre-authorized debit
Set it and forget it, so no more late fees. With pre-authorized debit, the money you owe is automatically deducted from your account. So you’ll save the time and costs associated with sending postdated cheques. And you don’t need a business bank account.

Make a payment
Discover more ways to make a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Make a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency gives you several ways to pay online. The Canada Revenue Agency has online services for you, whether you’re an individual, a business or a representative.

I'm ready to set up my pre-authorized debit agreement.
Take me to My Account or My Business Account.

Don’t let cheques slow you down. Easy route: Pay online

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