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Raising children, working at minimum wage, living with disabilities, buying or renovating a home, or just keeping up with the bills is not always easy. There are many benefits, credits, and programs available to help you.

Canada child benefit (CCB)

Provides monthly tax-free money. Eligible families can get up to $7,437 per year for each child under 6 and up to $6,275 per year, for each child aged 6 to 17.

Canada workers benefit (CWB)

Provides an amount that helps those working and earning a low income to reduce any taxes owed and can result in a tax refund.

GST/HST Credit

Provides four tax-free payments per year. If eligible, single individuals can get up to $496 per year. A couple with two children could get up to $992 per year.

Disability tax credit (DTC)

Provides a tax credit for people with impairments, or their supporting family member, that lowers the amount of income tax they may owe. Eligible individuals can claim up to $8,870, with an additional $5,174 for those under 18.

Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP)

Withdraw up to $35,000 from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to buy or build a home.

Free tax clinics

Provides free tax help to those with a modest income and a simple tax situation.

Find out what else you could qualify for

Tax credits and benefits for individuals

Payment dates, Canada child benefit, GST/HST credit, disability tax credit, Canada workers benefit, and other benefits and credits.

Housing programs

Learn about programs that can help with buying or renovating a home.

Canada Dental Benefit

The interim Canada Dental Benefit gives eligible families up-front, direct payments of up to $650 a year per eligible child under 12 for two years (up to $1,300) to support the costs of dental care services.

Benefits Finder

Use this tool to find Benefits and Services that you may be eligible to receive, including from federal, provincial or territorial governments.

Understand how taxes work

Learn about your taxes

Doing your taxes is easier than you think. Learn about tax slips, benefits, credits, deductions, and how to do your taxes. The Learn about your taxes step-by-step guide can help you get started.

Doing your taxes

Get ready to do your taxes

Find out what's new for 2022, key filing and payment dates, what to report and claim, and ways to file your taxes.

Get your money fast

Set up or change direct deposit information

Register for direct deposit to get your payments on time.


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