Report on Plans and Priorities 2016-17

Minister's Message

I am honoured to lead the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as the Minister of National Revenue. This is an exciting time for the Government of Canada, and I am grateful for the opportunity the Prime Minister has given me to serve Canadians.

This Report on Plans and Priorities 2016-17 of the CRA provides information on how the Agency will support the Government on achieving our agenda in the coming year and I am fully confident that the CRA is prepared to successfully support me and work with our partners inside and outside government to deliver for Canadians. However, given our commitment to more effective reporting, this year's report will be the final submission using the existing reporting framework.

The Prime Minister and the President of the Treasury Board are working to develop new, simplified and more effective reporting processes that will better allow Parliament and Canadians to monitor our Government's progress on delivering real change to Canadians. In the future, the CRA's reports to Parliament will focus more transparently on how we are using our resources to fulfill our commitments and achieve results for Canadians.

These new reporting mechanisms will allow Canadians to more easily follow our Department's progress towards delivering on our priorities, which were outlined in the Prime Minister's mandate letter to me (

Since my appointment in November 2015, I have been working closely with CRA officials to develop a plan to deliver on our government's priorities: improving service to Canadians, strengthening our efforts to tackle tax evasion, and modernizing the rules for charities. This plan describes how we will make our commitments a reality.

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With this plan, and in collaboration with our many partners, the CRA is well placed to support and deliver on the government's priorities over the next three years. — Diane Lebouthillier

I am deeply committed to making sure all Canadians, whether individual taxpayers, benefit recipients, or businesses, are treated respectfully and can deal with the Agency more easily. To illustrate:

Service to Canadians must also include making sure the system is fair for all and Canada's revenue base is protected for the benefit of all. Our government is committed to supporting the CRA in its efforts to crack down on tax evasion—particularly on those who willfully and aggressively avoid paying the taxes they owe.

To keep pace with today's global economy and rapidly evolving technology, the CRA must continue to work closely with tax administrations in other countries. This plan shows how the Agency will continue its important work with international organizations and other countries to obtain and exchange information faster and better, so the integrity of Canada's tax system remains protected.

Our government firmly believes charities and non‐profit organizations make a valuable contribution to society and to public policy, and there must be clear rules they can understand and follow to guide their political and other activities, free from interference. I and my officials will work with our federal partners and with the charitable sector itself to deliver on this commitment and make sure charities can continue their important work.

With this plan, and in collaboration with our many partners, the CRA is well placed to support and deliver on the government's priorities over the next three years. But success is measured in results, and as Minister, my priority will be to make sure we achieve what we have committed to under the plan.

As the Minister of National Revenue, I am very proud to present the Report on Plans and Priorities 2016-17 for the Canada Revenue Agency.

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The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, P.C., M.P.
Minister of National Revenue

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