The Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and the CRA

Canada's first Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) was tabled in Parliament on October 6, 2010 to fulfil the requirements of the Federal Sustainable Development Act (2008). The Act seeks to change the way that sustainable development (SD) is accounted for within federal departments and agencies.

As a result of the FSDA, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), like other departments and agencies, will now table its SD Strategy through its Reports on Plans and Priorities, and will report on SD performance through its Departmental Performance Reports.

The goals, targets, and implementation strategies of the FSDS are organized around four priority themes. Since the first FSDS, the CRA has been implicated in Theme IV: Shrinking the Environmental Footprint - Beginning with Government. Our contributions are further explained in the CRA 2014-2015 Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP).

The CRA SD Strategy, RC4087, Sustainable Development Strategy 2014-2017, sets an agenda to achieve the new FSDS targets that involve the CRA, continue greening our operations, and to further integrate SD into our decision-making and accountability processes.

For more information on the CRA contribution to the FSDS and other SD initiatives, go to Greening Government Operations Supplementary Table.

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