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At the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), sustainable development (SD) is not just the responsibility of one function. Management and employees at all levels are encouraged to consider and apply SD in their area of responsibility. Efficient management of SD requires a clear structure and cross-functional cooperation to anchor sustainable thinking in the organization.

The figure below shows the internal governance and accountability process for SD at the CRA.

CRA SD Governance and Accountability Structure

CRA Board of Management
The Board oversees the scope of the SD commitments and resource levels. It also ensures that the SD Strategy is aligned with the CRA mandate and strategic vision leveraging the Board members' perspectives, knowledge of societal expectations, and interpretation of the CRA mandate.

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CRA Sustainable Development Champion – SIB Assistant Commissioner
The CRA SD Champion is the Assistant Commissioner of the Strategy and Integration Branch. The Champion guides the direction that sustainable development takes within the CRA and the work of the SD Centre of Expertise. The Champion reports to the Agency Management Committee on the implementation of the SD strategy and influences senior executives to make the CRA's operations and service delivery more efficient and environmentally responsible.

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Sustainable Development Centre of Expertise
The SD Centre of Expertise, Strategy and Integration Branch, coordinates activities relating to the environment and SD at the CRA. It develops the SD Strategy and monitors, measures, and reports on SD progress. It also responds to audit requests from the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, develops tools and communication materials, and prepares and delivers SD learning initiatives to employees. 

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Heads of Planning Committee
The Heads of Planning Committee works with the SD Centre of Expertise to monitor, measure, and report on SD National Action Plan activities within their respective branches.

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Sustainable Development Network
The SD Network promotes sustainable development at the branch and regional level. To ensure broad engagement, this network of SD practitioners is made up of representatives, coordinators, liaisons, and committees of volunteers across all regions and branches in the CRA.

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