5.0 Sustainable Development Priorities for 2008-2009

The CRA's SD strategy 2007-2010 provides a framework for action for the three-year life of the strategy. Implementation of the strategy is defined in the Agency's National SD Action Plan and EMPs. These documents, which are refreshed each year, establish priorities, provide time lines, and detailed project implementation plans. In addition to project elements carried forward from 2007-2008, the National SD action plan calls for the implementation of a number of activities during 2008-2009, including:

Goal 1:  "Reduce the effects of our operations on land, air and water"

Goal 2:  "Demonstrate sustainable service delivery of tax and benefit programs"

Goal 3:  "Employees apply sustainable development in their jobs"

Goal 4:  "Use modern systems that support and maintain sustainable development"

A complete listing of activities scheduled for implementation in 2008-2009 can be found in the CRA's National SD action plan for 2007-2010 on the CRA's SD website.[Footnote 9] In addition to the above activities, the Agency will continue its work to address its core environmental aspects through implementation of nine EMPs in 2008-2009. They are:  procurement; paper; solid waste; outside emissions; fleet; hazardous waste; halocarbons; energy conservation; and, storage tanks.


[Footnote 9]

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