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Security and privacy of your information with the CRA

How to protect yourself against scams and schemes. Find out how to report a scam, suspicious activity, or suspected tax cheating.

Protecting yourself

Report a scam or identity theft

What to do if you suspect you're a victim of a scam or notice suspicious activity on your account

Recognize a scam

Reasons why the CRA may contact you, how to identify scams, and latest scam alerts

Verify it's the CRA calling

What to expect when the CRA calls, how to verify a callback number is from the CRA

Protect your CRA accounts

Regularly monitor and protect your CRA accounts against suspicious activity

Avoid tax schemes

Recognize types of tax schemes, how they work, and their consequences

Tax cheating

Report tax or benefit cheating in Canada

Learn how to anonymously report various types of suspected cheating

Report offshore tax cheating

Confidential reporting of international tax evasion or avoidance, rewards for reporting

Consequences of tax evasion

Recognizing tax evasion and tax fraud, understanding its consequences, enforcement actions

Combat tax evasion and avoidance

International data sharing of tax non-compliance, legal tools, criminal investigations

Criminal investigations process

What triggers a criminal investigation, enforcement and possible outcomes

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