Getting help - Segment 8


Host: Welcome to the segment called Getting help, part of the Preparing Your Income Tax and Benefit Return video.

I'm your host Janice Novak.

With me is Diane Rice who will share with us, in this segment, information that she has obtained from the CRA to help you find more information or to get help with preparing your income tax and benefit return, or T1 return.

Welcome Diane.

Host: What if I have checked the information on the CRA website and in the CRA's publications and have watched this video and still have specific questions on preparing a T1 return. Where can I go to get answers?

Subject matter expert: Thank you Janice. If after reviewing the information available on the CRA website, you still have questions about preparing your T1 return; call the Individual Income Tax enquiries line at 1-800-959-8281.

Host: Diane, my tax situation is simple and my income is low but I am still unable to complete my return even after watching this video. And I can't afford to hire someone to do it for me. What can I do?

Subject matter expert: Well Janice, if those are your circumstances, the CRA offers a volunteer based program that might be of benefit to you.

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) works with community volunteer organizations across the country to help volunteers prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals.

Volunteer tax preparation clinics are organized by local community organizations. Volunteers associated with these organizations are trained by the CRA and dedicate their time to helping eligible individuals prepare their returns.

Host: That sounds great. How do I know if I'm eligible for this program?

Subject matter expert: You qualify to take advantage of the CVITP if you have low income, a simple tax situation, and are unable to complete your return yourself.

Host: What do you mean when you say "a simple tax situation"?

Subject matter expert: This generally refers to the complexity of your return. CVITP volunteers do not complete T1 returns for deceased persons, bankrupt individuals, or individuals who have capital gains or losses, employment expenses, or business or rental income and expenses.

Host: Can you tell me when and where these clinics are held?

Subject matter expert: Volunteer tax preparation clinics are generally offered between February and April of each year in various locations across Canada. However, some tax clinics operate year-round.

For more information about a tax preparation clinic near you, go to

Host: What if I live in Quebec?

Subject matter expert: The volunteers from Quebec will prepare both your federal and your provincial return.

Host: Where can I get more information about the Quebec based volunteer program?

Subject matter expert: For information about the Volunteer Program in Quebec, which is jointly administered by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec, please visit either the Revenu Quebec website at or the CRA website at

Host: Thank you Diane.

This concludes the segment on getting help, part of the CRA's Preparing your Income Tax and Benefit Return video.

Thank you for watching.

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