Important notice about a postal disruption

On October 16, 2018, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers issued a strike notice that could result in mail delivery being delayed or interrupted across Canada. This might impact how Canadians correspond with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The Government of Canada has measures in place to make sure Canadians continue to receive services and benefits during a postal disruption.

To help avoid delays issuing benefit payments, the CRA may be releasing benefit cheques earlier than usual. If you are a benefit recipient, make sure you do not cash your cheque until the date on the cheque.

Due to the disruption, the Canada child benefit cheque and its related provincial and territorial amounts were delivered by October 22, 2018.

Other mail to or from the CRA including refunds, rebates, and other benefit payments may be delayed or will be held and delivered once normal operations resume at Canada Post.

If you are registered for direct deposit, your payments will not be affected. You can check your bank account to see if the amount has been deposited. Existing users can still login to My Account, MyCRA, MyBenefits CRA, My Business Account, or CRA BizApp to view more payment details.

You can also register for online mail, which allows you to receive most of your mail from the CRA directly in My Account.

For more information on how a postal disruption could impact you, visit our postal disruption webpage.

Tax obligations during a postal disruption

The CRA would also like to remind individuals and businesses that even during a postal disruption, you must make every effort to meet your tax obligations. You are still responsible for filing your returns and paying amounts owed to the CRA by the due date. There are many ways you can pay if you have a balance owing, and you can manage your tax and benefit affairs using the CRA’s suite of secure online services.

Businesses looking for detailed options on how they can meet their tax obligations can consult the tax tip on how to pay your taxes online, and can continue to file electronically.

Individuals who need information on registering for direct deposit or paying online can go to get your benefit payments through direct deposit and pay your taxes online.


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