Information for tour operators about eligibility and how to claim the tax rebate

What is an eligible tour package?

An eligible tour package is a tour package that is sold for an all-inclusive price and includes:

A tour package cannot include a convention facility or related convention supplies. Another rebate may be available if you are a sponsor or organizer of a foreign convention. For more information, see Booklet RC4160, Rebate for Tour Packages, Foreign Conventions, and Non-Resident Exhibitor Purchases.

Who qualifies for the rebate?

As a tour operator, you may be eligible for a rebate if:

To qualify for the rebate, you must meet all of the following conditions:

Required documents

Documents must be in either English or French, or you must provide a translation in English or French.

The rebate application must have the following attached:

You can provide the itineraries on paper or CD. For other options, call us at 1-902-432-5604 (from outside Canada) or 1-800-565-9353 (from within Canada).


We may also accept other types of documents if they confirm that you qualify for the rebate.

You must keep the following information and documentation in your records and make them available if we ask to see them:

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