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Reminder: The CRA has resumed its work to address taxpayer debt. Benefit and credit payments and tax refunds may be applied to pay down outstanding balances. If your debt repayment causes significant financial hardship, please contact the CRA directly to discuss your options – even if you have a payment plan in place already.

Learn more about how specific benefits will be impacted at

The payment arrangement calculator has moved!

The payment arrangement calculator (PAC) features have moved to the My Account / My Business Account (MyBA) secure portals. This page no longer provides access to the PAC, and is no longer being updated. To see different payment schedules to pay your debt over time, log in to your account and Schedule a series of payments.

The Payment Arrangement Calculator (PAC) and the Monthly Net Income and Expense Worksheet (Worksheet) can help you come up with a proposed payment arrangement plan to pay off your debt.

The Worksheet allows you to determine if you are financially able to meet your payment responsibilities based on your current personal or corporate financial situation.

The PAC allows you to calculate different payment arrangements. Be realistic when using these tools and think about all factors, which may affect your ability to maintain payments for the entire period of the payment arrangement. You can then use these results as a guide to propose a payment arrangement that will allow you to address your tax obligations.


Any amount you owe is payable immediately upon (re)assessment. If you cannot pay in full immediately, a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) agent can work with you to develop a payment arrangement based on your financial situation. Use this Worksheet and Payment Arrangement Calculator (PAC) to assist you in formulating possible payment scenarios. The results of this calculator may not meet the rules of a valid payment arrangement as established by the CRA. You should contact the CRA to discuss and set up a valid payment arrangement. Our agents are available Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., (Eastern Time).

These tools are available for your convenience. The reliability of the results depends on the accuracy of the information you enter.

After your transaction, there may be information stored in browser cache. To stop others from getting that information, particularly while you are using a public computer, you should clear your browser cache.

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