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Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)

How to apply

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Before you apply

Answer these questions to ensure your application will be quick and easy:

Confirm you are currently registered with the CRA

Have you applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) with CRA before?

  • Yes
  • No

    Have you ever filed a Canadian tax return?

    • Yes

      Do you have a CRA My Account? (CRA's online application)

      • Yes

        Are you able to successfully log in?

        • Yes
        • No, I am locked out
        • No, I can’t remember my CRA user ID or password
      • No

        Have you filed an income tax return for the 2019 calendar year?

        • Yes
        • No
    • No

Set up direct deposit

Direct deposit payments take about 3 to 5 business days. A cheque takes about 10 to 12 business days.

Is your direct deposit information up to date with the CRA?

  • Yes
  • No, I want to set it up
  • No, I prefer to receive my payment by cheque

Check impact on your social assistance benefits

Do you receive any provincial or territorial Social (Income or Disability) Assistance?

  • Yes
  • No

When you can apply

You may start applying on the first Monday after the 2-week period you're applying for has ended. Applications do not renew automatically.

You must apply for each period separately. You may apply for any period you are eligible for that is open for application, including up to 60 days after the period has ended.

Determine when to apply

Select your eligibility period

  • Open for application
    • Period 5: November 22 to December 5, 2020
    • Period 6: December 6 to December 19, 2020
    • Period 7: December 20, 2020 to January 2, 2021
    • Period 8: January 3 to January 16, 2021
  • Upcoming
    • Period 9: January 17 to January 30, 2021
    • Period 10: January 31 to February 13, 2021
    • Period 11: February 14 to February 27, 2021
    • Period 12: February 28 to March 13, 2021
    • Period 13: March 14 to March 27, 2021
    • Period 14: March 28 to April 10, 2021
    • Period 15: April 11 to April 24, 2021
    • Period 16: April 25 to May 8, 2021
    • Period 17: May 9 to May 22, 2021
    • Period 18: May 23 to June 5, 2021
    • Period 19: June 6 to June 19, 2021
    • Period 20: June 20 to July 3, 2021
    • Period 21: July 4 to July 17, 2021
    • Period 22: July 18 to July 31, 2021
    • Period 23: August 1 to August 14, 2021
    • Period 24: August 15 to August 28, 2021
    • Period 25: August 29 to September 11, 2021
    • Period 26: September 12 to September 25, 2021
  • No longer available
    • Period 1: September 27 to October 10, 2020
    • Period 2: October 11 to October 24, 2020
    • Period 3: October 25 to November 7, 2020
    • Period 4: November 8 to November 21, 2020

Apply online or by phone

Make sure you're properly set up. Refer to: Before you apply.

  1. Apply

    Read the Privacy Statement

    When you apply for the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), your personal information is collected under the authority of the Canada Recovery Benefits Act, which is being jointly administered by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Your personal information will be used for the purpose of (i) administering your application, and could be used for (ii) issuing a payment to you, (iii) verifying that you meet the program's eligibility requirements, and to (iv) collect any overpayments or erroneous payments that may have been issued to you. Failure to provide information will affect your consideration for benefits.

    Please note that to process your application we will need to access information in your tax file. Your information may also be disclosed to other federal, provincial, territorial or aboriginal government institutions to the extent authorized by law. Failure to provide this information will make it impossible for us to process your application.

    Under the Privacy Act, you have a right of protection, access to and correction of your personal information and to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding our handling of your information. Personal information banks for this program are under development and will be available in Info Source.


    Sign in to your CRA My Account Register

    Hours of service for CRA My Account

    By phone:
    Call the automated toll-free line
    Before you call

    To verify your identity, you'll need your:

    • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • postal code
    • Date of birth

    Have a pen and paper ready to note down information during the call.

    Telephone number

    Follow the instructions below before you call or

    1. Select your language preference: English or French
    2. Press '1' to apply for one of the new Canada recovery benefits
    3. Press '3' to apply for the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)
    4. Follow the prompts to enter your information, including:
      • your SIN
      • confirmation of your postal code
      • your date of birth
      • the period you are applying for
    5. Certify that you qualify for the benefit
    Day Hours
    Monday to Sunday 6 am to 3 am (Eastern time)
  2. We may validate your application before issuing your payment

    The CRA is validating applications to ensure that payments are available for people who need them most.

    When you apply, we may ask you to provide additional information. Only some people will need to do this, but you may want to prepare before you first apply.

    If your application needs validation

    We may ask you to provide the following items.

    If you are or were an employee
    • Recent pay slips
    • Employment verification letter, including salary, if accessible online
    • Record of Employment
    • Bank statements showing name, address, and payroll deposit
    If you are or were self-employed
    • Invoice for services rendered that includes:
      • the service date
      • who the service was for
      • the name of the individual or company
    • Receipt of payment for the service or services provided (a statement of account or bill of sale showing a payment and the remaining balance owed)
    • Documents showing income earned from a "trade or business" as a sole proprietor, an independent contractor, or a partnership
    • Any other document that will confirm you earned $5,000 in employment or self employment income
    If you receive provincial or federal benefits related to maternity or parental leave
    • Statement of benefits
    • Bank statements showing, name, address, and benefit deposit

    How to submit your validation documents

    Submit your documents through CRA My Account
    1. Log in to your CRA My Account
    2. Select “Submit documents” (in top right corner)
    3. Enter your case or reference number, or select “without a case or reference number”
    4. Select “Submit supporting documents for COVID-19 support payments”
    5. Enter a short description about your submission and attach your files
    By fax
    Send your documents by fax
    1. Include a cover sheet with your full name, a daytime phone number, and the number of pages you’re faxing
    2. Fax your documents to 1-833-325-0555

    Your application may take up to 4 weeks to process from the date we receive your complete response. We will contact you once the validation is complete.

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