List of registered Canadian amateur athletic associations

Select one of the lists below to confirm whether a registered Canadian amateur athletic association (RCAAA) is registered, revoked, annulled, penalized, or suspended.


Registered associations are qualified donees; therefore, they can issue official donation receipts and are eligible to receive gifts from registered charities.

A list of registered Canadian amateur athletic associations.
Legal Name BN/Registration Number Status Effective date of registration City, Province
94 Forward Society 899492383RR0001 Registered 1995-04-01 Victoria, BC
Ace the World 843544446RR0001 Registered 2013-01-01 Montreal, QC
All Canada Male Netball Organization 879590925RR0001 Registered 2000-10-01 Toronto, ON
Alpine Canada Alpin 100164995RR0001 Registered 1992-04-01 Calgary, AB
Alpine Club of Canada 106704182RR0001 Registered 1972-05-29 Canmore, AB
Altius Canada Association 826404691RR0001 Registered 2009-12-01 Burnaby, BC
Alumni Youth Futbol 850079161RR0001 Registered 2022-06-08 Gormley, ON
Association cycliste canadienne - Canadian Cycling Association 130177116RR0001 Registered 1973-04-27 Ottawa, ON
Athletes 4 Athletes Foundation 827311176RR0001 Registered 2022-01-01 Vancouver, BC
Athletics Canada 119472975RR0001 Registered 1972-03-29 Ottawa, ON
Australian Football League Canada 870876414RR0001  Registered 2021-07-06 Nepean, ON
B2Ten 837258250RR0001 Registered 2009-10-27 Westmount, QC
Badminton Canada 108075029RR0001 Registered 1972-06-01 Ottawa, ON
Biathlon Canada 132574104RR0001 Registered 2019-04-01 Canmore, AB
Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton 130009269RR0001 Registered 1990-04-01 Calgary, AB
Bowls Canada Boulingrin 131262727RR0001 Registered 1985-04-01 Nepean, ON
Cadora Inc 100716513RR0001 Registered 1981-01-01 Hamilton, ON
Calgary Olympic Development Association 121962203RR0001 Registered 1985-03-27 Calgary, AB
Canada Basketball 106775299RR0001 Registered 1972-10-03 Toronto, ON
Canada Games Council 131976052RR0001 Registered 1991-08-27 Ottawa, ON
Canada Skateboard 703050294RR0001 Registered 2018-06-26 Kelowna, BC
Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers' Association 100774124RR0001 Registered 1983-12-01 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Amateur Dancesport Association 891435307RR0001 Registered 2007-01-01 Pickering, ON
Canadian Amateur Rowing Association - Association canadienne d'aviron amateur 100759240RR0001 Registered 1972-03-22 Victoria, BC
Canadian Amateur Softball Association 107992281RR0001 Registered 1978-01-01 Ottawa, ON
Canada Artistic Swimming - Natation artistique Canada 123550337RR0001 Registered 1973-01-01 Gloucester, ON
Canadian Amputee Sports 131026809RR0001 Registered 1977-11-17 Aurora, ON
Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea 865155295RR0001 Registered 2004-07-01 West Vancouver, BC
Canadian Association of Wrestling Officials (CAWO) 856473186RR0001 Registered 2022-01-06 Milton, ON
Canadian Balloon Association 886743459RR0001 Registered 1999-01-01 Condor, AB
Canadian Blind Sports Association 129895025RR0001 Registered 1981-12-27 Vancouver, BC
Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations Inc. 889386868RR0001 Registered 1980-09-25 Toronto, ON
Canadian Curling Association 106845035RR0001 Registered 1980-12-27 Cumberland, ON
Canadian Deaf Sports Association, Inc./L'Association des sports des sourds du Canada, inc. 127556306RR0001 Registered 1972-04-12 Laval, QC
Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball - Fédération canadienne de baseball amateur 106774698RR0001 Registered 1974-10-01 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Fencing Federation 132091935RR0001 Registered 1973-01-01 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Freestyle Ski Association/Association canadienne de ski acrobatique 893758680RR0001 Registered 1996-05-01 Vancouver, BC
Canadian Functional Fitness Federation / Fédération Canadienne de Fitness Fonctionnel 702488891RR0001 Registered 2020-06-26 Repentigny, QC
Canadian Girls Baseball 751391715RR0001 Registered 2022-01-01 Toronto, ON
Canadian Gymnastics Federation – La Fédération canadienne de gymnastique  122086986RR0001 Registered 1981-01-01 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Handball Association 100765288RR0001 Registered 1988-04-01 St. John's, NL
Canadian Ice Cross Federation 775978661RR0001 Registered 2021-11-01 Mirabel, QC
Canadian Junior Football League 139723233RR0001 Registered 1979-04-30 Edmonton, AB
Canadian Junior Golf Association 888738176RR0001 Registered 1997-09-01 Newmarket, ON
Canadian Kendo Federation 133424457RR0001 Registered 1989-08-21 Montreal, QC
Canadian Luge Association /Association canadienne de luge 130387343RR0001 Registered 1993-02-13 Calgary, AB
Canadian Olympic Committee Comité olympique canadien 106864614RR0001 Registered 1967-01-01 Toronto, ON
Canadian Paralympic Committee / Comité paralympique canadien 106845829RR0001 Registered 1982-04-01 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Powerlifting Union 892209164RR0001  Registered  2018-02-22  Metcalfe, ON 
Canadian Rope Skipping Federation Inc. 893274720RR0001 Registered 2009-05-01 Essex, ON
Canada Rugby League Association 808620702RR0003 Registered 2019-02-27 Edmonton, AB
Canadian Rugby Union - Fédération canadienne de rugby 125240366RR0001 Registered 1974-08-27 Richmond Hill, ON
Canadian Snowboard Federation 892374257RR0001 Registered 1999-05-18 Vancouver, BC
Canadian Snowsports Association 100771807RR0001 Registered 1972-01-01 Vancouver, BC
Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba Inc. 888535432RR0001 Registered 2000-04-01 Winnipeg, MB
Canadian Sport Institute Calgary 138651955RR0001 Registered 1996-07-01 Calgary, AB
Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Society 865655195RR0001 Registered 2011-02-24 Richmond, BC
Canadian Sport Parachuting Association - Association canadienne du parachutisme sportif 122680036RR0001 Registered 1974-10-01 Rockland, ON
Canadian Team Handball Federation 132643230RR0001 Registered 1978-01-01 Sherbrooke, QC
Canadian Tenpin Federation Inc - Fédération canadienne des dix-quilles inc 125989020RR0001 Registered 1984-08-01 Surrey, BC
Canadian Tennis Association 124323783RR0001 Registered 1982-04-01 Toronto, ON
Canadian Underwater Games Association 864425939RR0001 Registered 2001-06-01 Delta, BC
Canadian University Shooting Federation
774821888RR0001 Registered 2021-03-31 Westlock, AB
Canadian Volleyball Association canadienne de volley-ball 121410203RR0001 Registered 1974-05-01 Gloucester, ON
Canadian Water Polo Association Inc 125402420RR0001 Registered 1973-04-01 Gloucester, ON
Canadian Weightlifting Federation
Fédération Haltérophile Canadienne
132845934RR0001 Registered 1974-09-01 Calgary, AB
Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association  106868706RR0001 Registered 1972-04-25 Ottawa, ON
Canoe Kayak Canada 106844160RR0001 Registered 1976-07-28 Ottawa, ON
Cheerleading Canada Inc. 842131484RR0001 Registered 2021-11-04 Calgary, AB
Climbing Escalade Canada 839525847RR0001 Registered 2022-03-04 Calgary, AB
Coaching Association of Canada - Association canadienne des entraineurs 121725832RR0001 Registered 1977-07-14 Ottawa, ON
Corporation Sports-Québec 121133987RR0001 Registered 1979-04-01 Montréal, QC
Cricket Canada 127681625RR0001 Registered 1972-01-25 Laval, QC
Cross-country Ski de Fond Canada 120762380RR0001 Registered 1990-05-01 Canmore, AB
Diving Plongeon Canada 132004953RR0001 Registered 1973-01-01 Ottawa, ON
Equine Canada / Canada Hippique 122863210RR0001 Registered 1977-10-01 Ottawa, ON
Eventing Canada 887215275RR0001 Registered 1998-03-01 Mono, ON
Fédération canadienne de maracana  761126291RR0001  Registered  2017-06-26  Montreal, ON 
Federation of Canadian Archers Inc./ Fédération canadienne des archers inc. 119390821RR0001 Registered 1972-11-01 Ottawa, ON
Field Hockey Canada/Hockey sur gazon Canada 121791487RR0001 Registered 1972-11-01 Vancouver, BC
Fondation des amis du tennis  888625878RR0001 Registered 1988-09-01 Montréal, QC
Golf Canada Foundation / Fondation Golph Canada  126408129RR0001 Registered 1979-08-09 Oakville, ON
Hockey Canada 121396139RR0001 Registered 1981-05-01 Calgary, AB
Horseshoe Canada Association  897054078RR0001 Registered 1987-04-13 Fisherville, ON
Judo Canada 107552895RR0001 Registered 1973-01-24 Montreal, QC
Karate Canada / Karaté Canada 890496946RR0001 Registered 2015-06-26 Montreal, QC
Kidsport Canada 862125986RR0003 Registered 2007-04-18 Regina, SK
Lacrosse Canada / Crosse Canada (formerly Canadian Lacrosse Association / Association Canadienne de crosse) 130272891RR0001 Registered 2019-07-01 Ottawa, ON
Little League Baseball Canada 119457364RR0001 Registered 2020-01-22 Nepean, ON
Maccabi Canada 140092321RR0001 Registered 1989-03-04 Concord, ON
National Winter Sport Development Association 827411125RR0001  Registered  2007-01-22  Burnaby, BC 
Netball Canada 892216367RR0001 Registered 1996-03-23 Vancouver, BC
Nordic Combined Ski Canada Combiné Nordique 898753405RR0001 Registered 2005-01-07 Calgary, AB
Orienteering Canada / Course d'orientation Canada 892218165RR0001 Registered 2008-04-24 Calgary, AB
Padel Association of Canada 899800031RR0001 Registered 1994-03-01 Calgary, AB
Pentathlon Canada 133000018RR0001 Registered 1972-05-24 Woodbridge, ON
Pickleball Canada Organization 842140089RR0001 Registered 2019-06-18 Surrey, BC
PowerHockey Canada 722218880RR0001 Registered 2019-09-26 Toronto, ON
Quidditch Canada 820553188RR0001 Registered 2015-03-26 Toronto, ON
Ringette Canada 107896953RR0001 Registered 1979-05-18 Ottawa, ON
Royal Canadian Golf Association/Association royale de golph du Canada 107928665RR0001 Registered 1987-11-01 Oakville, ON
Sail Canada / Voile Canada 122863087RR0001 Registered 1972-03-20 Kingston, ON
Saint John Jeux Canada Games Foundation Inc 132449513RR0001 Registered 1994-10-29 Saint John, NB
Seaman Hotchkiss Hockey Foundation 888852043RR0001 Registered 1984-07-01 Calgary, AB
See You In-Canadian Athletes Fund Corporation 856858642RR0003 Registered 2003-02-20 Toronto, ON
Shooting Federation of Canada - Federation de tir du Canada 107978637RR0001 Registered 1978-01-01 Ottawa, ON
Skate Canada /Patinage Canada 121824031RR0001 Registered 1972-02-28 Ottawa, ON
Ski Jumping Canada / Canada Saut à ski 141149658RR0001 Registered 2005-01-07 Calgary, AB
Soaring Association of Canada 119456630RR0001 Registered 1977-01-01 Cambridge, ON
Speed Skating Canada - Patinage de vitesse Canada 129990446RR0001 Registered 1996-03-23 Ottawa, ON
Squash Canada 108075714RR0001 Registered 1983-01-01 Nepean, ON
St. Catharines World Rowing 869060087RR0001 Registered 2022-02-16 St. Catharines, ON
Swimming / Natation Canada 119350825RR0001 Registered 1972-01-01 Ottawa, ON
Table Tennis Canada Tennis de table 123665655RR0001 Registered 1974-04-01 Ottawa, ON
Taekwondo Canada 889449930RR0001 Registered 2013-07-27 Ottawa, ON
The 2010 Games Operating Trust 851632877RR0001 Registered 2004-06-02 Vancouver, BC
The Canadian Amateur Football Association 116989732RR0001 Registered 2015-06-04 Ottawa, ON
The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation 136523156RR0001 Registered 1983-04-11 Oshawa, ON
The Canadian Chito-Kai Association 886983196RR0001 Registered 1989-01-01 Scarborough, ON
The Canadian Polo Association 891821571RR0001 Registered 1987-01-01 Toronto, ON
The Canadian Pony Club 131888281RR0001 Registered 1972-09-01 Warsaw, ON
The Canadian Racquetball Association 121891204RR0001 Registered 1985-04-01 Winnipeg, MB
The Canadian Section International Five-O-Five Class Yacht 888847241RR0001 Registered 1988-08-08 West Vancouver, BC
The Canadian Soccer Association Incorporated / L'Association canadienne de soccer incorporée 122473473RR0001 Registered 1972-02-29 Ottawa, ON
The Commonwealth Games Association of Canada Inc/L'Association canadienne des Jeux du Commonwealth inc 130362601RR0001 Registered 1969-01-01 Ottawa, ON
The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association 132147000RR0001 Registered 1975-01-01 Nepean, ON
The Edmonton International Baseball Foundation 131893661RR0001 Registered 1988-01-01 Beaumont, AB
Tomorrow's Champions Foundation 827575176RR0001 Registered 2022-01-01 Vancouver, BC
Triathlon Canada 894036938RR0001 Registered 1991-05-30 Victoria, BC
U Sports (formerly Canadian Interuniversity Sport /Sport interuniversitaire canadien) 132005802RR0001 Registered 1974-06-17 Richmond Hill, ON
Ultimate Canada 865642508RR0001 Registered 2004-06-16 Winnipeg, MB
Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada /Ski nautique et planche Canada 134542042RR0001 Registered 1972-03-16 Ottawa, ON
Wheelchair Basketball Canada / Basketball en fauteuil roulant Canada 140825191RR0001 Registered 1994-04-01 Ottawa, ON
Whistler 2010 Sport Legacies Society 856133590RR0002 Registered 2010-10-01 Whistler, BC
Wind Athletes Canada 836384222RR0001 Registered 2008-09-23 Kingston, ON
Women's Para Hockey of Canada / Parahockey féminin du Canada 806059770RR0002 Registered 2016-10-19 Edmonton, AB
World Dwarf Games 2017 787593490RR0001 Registered 2016-08-24 Erin, ON
Wrestling Canada Lutte 123624009RR0001 Registered 1974-04-01 Ottawa, ON


Associations that have been revoked voluntarily, revoked as a result of an auditrevoked for failure to file or revoked for other reasons are no longer qualified donees; therefore, they cannot issue official donation receipts or receive gifts from registered charities.

This list only reflects associations that have been revoked from January 1, 2005 onwards. For information on associations that were revoked prior to this date, contact the Charities Directorate.

A list of revoked Canadian amateur athletic associations.
Legal Name BN/Registration Number Status Effective date of revocation City, Province
Aerobatics Canada 888970449RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2008-01-12 Guelph, ON
Aquatic Foundation of Canada 888964244RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2015-09-19 Cambridge, ON
Bandy Federation of Canada 866271539RR0002 Revoked - voluntary 2019-11-16 Winnipeg, MB
Blind Bowls Association of Canada 855803706RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2021-01-16 Saint-Lambert, QC
Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association 132372319RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2015-06-20 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Adventure Racing Association 883586109RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2012-02-11 Thornbury, ON
Canadian Amateur Boxing Association
Association canadienne de boxe amateur
106842289RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2021-12-04 Montréal, QC
Canadian Association for the Advancement of Amateur Women's Hockey 836660415RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2022-02-12 Claremont, ON
Canadian Football Federation 899144109RR0003 Revoked - voluntary 2010-12-25 Vancouver, BC
Canadian Long Distance Riding 888850245RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2013-07-13 Stouffville, ON
Canadian Macedonian Olympic Club 822818340RR0002 Revoked - failure to file 2011-04-02 Newmarket, ON
Canadian Masterathlete Federation 899686653RR0001 Revoked - audited 2007-12-15 Mount Albert, ON
Canadian Precision Flying Association 882239569RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2012-02-11 Orléans, ON
Canadian Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastic Federation 123726739RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2007-11-17 Victoria, BC
Canadian Rollercross Federation/Fédération canadienne de rollercross 862793726RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2007-11-17 Nanaimo, BC
Canadian Sport and Fitness Administration Center Inc/Centre 106867039RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2007-11-17 Gloucester, ON
Equestrian Improvement Foundation 895941094RR0001 Revoked - audited 2007-07-14 Calgary, AB
Fédération canadienne de ballon sur glace /Canadian Broomball Federation 889955175RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2007-11-17 Winnipeg, MB
Go Rowing and Paddling Association of Canada 890076730RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2016-01-23 Victoria, BC
Horse Trials Canada 140751843RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2011-04-02 Guelph, ON
National Polo Association 861941268RR0001 Revoked - audited 2008-12-20 Calgary, AB
Paddle Canada Pagayer Canada 122854409RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2006-09-09 Kingston, ON
Shaske Memorial Foundation, Eddy Mark 886995190RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2016-03-19 Salt Spring Island, BC
Sledge Hockey of Canada/Hockey sur luge du Canada 890771066RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2005-01-29 Ottawa, ON
The Canadian Ladies' Golf Association/L'association canadienne de golph (dames) 106861966RR0001 Revoked - voluntary 2006-09-30 Oakville, ON
The National Football Federation of Canada 886433168RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2007-11-17 Montréal, QC
Vanier Cup-Canada's University Football Championship 890151079RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2007-11-17 Ottawa, ON
World Swimming Society 870934395RR0001 Revoked - failure to file 2011-04-02 Leduc, AB


Annulled associations are no longer qualified donees; therefore, they cannot issue official donation receipts or receive gifts from registered charities.

This list only reflects associations that have been annulled from January 1, 2005 onwards. For information on associations that were annulled prior to this date, contact the Charities Directorate.

A list of annulled Canadian amateur athletic associations.
Legal Name BN/Registration Number Status Effective date of annulment City, Province
Tournoi international de hockey midget de Drummondville inc 125515254RR0001 Annulled 2005-10-19 Drummondville, QC

Suspended or penalized

Suspended associations are not considered to be qualified donees during the period of suspension; therefore, they cannot issue official donation receipts and cannot receive gifts from registered charities during this period of time.

Penalized associations have had financial penalties imposed on them because they were not complying with specific legislative obligations under the Income Tax Act.

A list of suspended or penalized Canadian amateur athletic associations
Legal Name BN/Registration Number Status Effective date of suspension or penalty City, Province
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