Express NOA

Express NOA is a secure Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service that allows individuals and authorized representatives to view the notice of assessment (NOA) or notice of reassessment (NOR) in EFILE and NETFILE certified tax preparation software, right after the return has been received and processed by the CRA.

The notice of assessment provides a complete account summary with the result of the assessed return showing a refund, a zero balance, or a balance owing, tax assessment summary, explanation of changes and other information, and RRSP/PRPP deduction limit statement. It may also contain the Home Buyers’ Plan statement and Lifelong Learning Plan statement as well as the First Home Savings Account statement.


This service is available to deliver deliver notices of assessment year-round in EFILE and NETFILE-certified tax preparation software, except during regularly scheduled system maintenance.

How can I use Express NOA?

Authorized Representatives

To use the Express NOA service, you must:

Your client must:


When your client selects the option to have their notice of assessment or reassessment made available electronically to you by completing Part E of Form T183, the CRA will not send you or your client a paper copy of the notice of assessment or reassessment.


To use the Express NOA service, you must:

Once you file your return and receive your confirmation message, you will be prompted to enter your My Account user ID and password to use the Express NOA service. The notice of assessment will be delivered into your software right after filing your return. You can then save or print your notice of assessment.


If you have already entered your user ID and password and used the Auto-fill my return service, you may not need to re-enter them to access the Express NOA service if your login session remains active.

Preparing a tax return for a family member or a friend

If you prepare a tax return for a family member or a friend, you need to:

Once you are authorized, you can receive their notice of assessment for them within NETFILE-certified software.

Express NOA does not show your payment

If you have to make a payment around the same time that you electronically file your tax return, your payment may not show up on your notice at that time. To confirm any payments made to the CRA, you can check your online banking portal, log into My Account or call the Individual Tax Account Balance Automated Service to hear your account balance.

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