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Email notifications from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) let you know when important changes are made on your account and when you have mail to view in My Business Account.

When you sign up to receive email notifications, we will stop sending your mail on paper. If you need a paper copy, you can sign in to My Business Account and print it.

Email notifications you will receive

When you sign up for email notifications from the CRA, we will send you an email to confirm your registration. After that, we will send you email notifications when there are changes or updates related to the following topics:

CRA mail you will receive electronically

Some examples of mail you can currently receive online include:

The CRA adds more items to our email notification service every year. However, some mail cannot be sent electronically, and will continue to be mailed on paper.

Registering for email notifications from the CRA

There are four ways to register to receive email notifications from the CRA:

You can add up to three email addresses for each program account in My Business Account. This will allow you to add your representative, accountant, or whomever you need to be informed.

The email addresses you provide are the ones we will use to tell you that important changes were made on your account and that you have new mail to view.

You are responsible for making sure we have your correct email address(es) at all times.

After you register for email notifications

Once you register, we will send a confirmation email to the address you gave us. Depending on how you registered, you should receive your confirmation email within the following timelines:

If you do not get a confirmation email, sign in to My Business Account and check the email address(es) on your profile. If an email address is wrong, update it. If the addresses are correct, check your junk mail folder for an email from the CRA.

How to know if the email notification is from the CRA

Emails sent from the CRA’s email notification service will have the sender name Canada Revenue Agency / Agence du Revenu du Canada.

The CRA’s email notifications will not do the following:

For more information, go to Scam prevention and the CRA.

Other email notifications you can receive about your business account

You might receive an email notification from the CRA for other reasons, even if you are not registered for email notifications.

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