Pay with a debit card through the CRA's My Payment service – Payments to the CRA

You can make payments directly to the CRA using your bank access card (Interac® Debit, Visa Debit, or Debit Mastercard) through CRA's secure electronic service called My Payment.

You cannot use credit cards with My Payment.

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What you can and can't pay

Payments you can make online through My Payment
  • Income tax (T1) 2023 tax return
  • Income tax (T1) amount owing
  • Income tax (T1) instalment payments
  • Benefits and credit repayments:
    • Advanced Canada Workers Benefit
    • Alberta credits
    • Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR)
    • Canada Child Benefit (CCB)
    • Canada Dental Benefit
    • Climate Action Incentive (CAI)
    • COVID-19 benefits (CERB, CESB, CRB, etc.)
    • GST/HST credit (GSTC)
    • Nunavut Carbon Credit
    • One-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit
    • Ontario credits
    • Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)
  • Part XIII non-resident withholding tax
  • Section 216 tax return (T1159)
  • Tax-free savings account (TFSA) amount owing
  • Underused Housing Tax (UHT)
  • Corporation income tax (T2)
  • Corporation income tax (T2) interim (instalment) payments
  • Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC)
  • COVID-19 business subsidies (wage or hiring subsidy, rent subsidy) repayment
  • Excise duties
  • Excise tax
  • Excise tax on insurance premiums
  • Fuel charge
  • GST/HST remittances
  • Information returns penalty
  • Luxury tax
  • Nova Scotia Workers' Compensation Board payments
  • Part XIII non-resident withholding tax
  • Payroll source deductions
  • Softwood lumber products export charge
  • Underused Housing Tax (UHT)
  • Trust income tax (T3)
Payments you cannot make online through My Payment
  • Garnishment on behalf of an employee
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Ontario) payments
  • Charity re-registration or penalty payment

If you can't use this method or want to pay in another way, find options for your situation by answering a few questions about what you are paying.

How to pay the amount you owe


  1. Have an activated debit card

    To use My Payment, you need an activated debit card with one or more of the following logos:

    Interac Debit

    If your card has only the Interac logo, use the Interac option to pay.

    Participating Canadian banks and credit unions using the Interac logo

    RBC Royal Bank - service discontinued as of May 30, 2023. Please contact RBC for more information.

    • TD Canada Trust - service for businesses only
    • First Nations Bank of Canada
    • Accent Credit Union
    • Affinity Credit Union
    • Churchbridge Credit Union
    • Coastal Community Credit Union
    • Columbia Valley Credit Union
    • Copperfin
    • Envision Financial
    • Goodsoil Credit Union
    • Gulf & Fraser
    • Interior Savings Credit Union
    • Kindred Credit Union
    • Kingston Community Credit Union
    • Libro Credit Union
    • Limestone Credit Union
    • Luminus Financial
    • Mainstreet Credit Union
    • Northern Credit Union
    • Northern Savings Credit Union
    • OPPA Credit Union
    • PenFinancial Credit Union
    • Prospera Credit Union
    • Rapport Credit Union
    • Summerland Credit Union
    • Sunshine Coast Credit Union
    • Tandia Financial Credit Union
    • The Police Credit Union
    • Ukrainian Credit Union
    • Windsor Family Credit Union
    • Your Credit Union
    • Your Neighbourhood Credit Union Limited
    Visa Debit

    If your card has the Visa Debit logo and the Interac logo, use the Visa Debit option to pay.

    Participating Canadian banks and credit unions using the Visa Debit logo
    • ATB Financial
    • CIBC
    • RBC Royal Bank
    • Scotiabank
    • TD Canada Trust
    Debit Mastercard

    If your card has the Debit Mastercard logo and the Interac logo, use the Debit Mastercard option to pay.

    Participating Canadian banks and credit unions using the Debit Mastercard logo
    • BMO
    • Servus Credit Union
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    Fees and transaction limitations

    The CRA does not charge a fee for using this service.

    Ask your bank or credit union about any fees they may charge for making online payments, as well as any transaction limits.

  2. Make the payment

    Pay now using My Payment

    Hours of service

    21 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hours of service

    Have a secure connection

    Refer to: Access online services safely

    Use a modern browser
    You will not be able to access My Payment using an older browser that does not support the latest security standards. Refer to: Your browser and troubleshooting tips

Processing time

  • Considered as paid: usually the same or next business day (varies based on your bank or credit union)
  • Updated in your CRA account up to 3 business days after the payment is received

You can confirm if we received a payment.

If your payment is still not showing after 3 business days, you can resolve a payment issue.

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