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Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)

Change or cancel your claim

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Claim period deadlines

There is a deadline to:

  • apply for the rent subsidy for each claim period, or
  • increase the amount of your claim

The deadline is 180 days after the end of the claim period.

There is no deadline to:

  • cancel a claim, or
  • reduce the amount of a past claim

What to do if you missed a claim period deadline

You must make every attempt to apply, or make changes to increase the amount of your previous claim, before that claim period’s deadline. After the deadline has passed, we will only consider your late application or request to increase your previous claim amount under certain circumstances.

These circumstances are the same for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). Learn more on the CEWS site:

If one or more of the situations apply to you, you must also get permission and submit your late application or late request to increase the amount of your previous claim within 30 calendar days following the later of:

  • April 21, 2021, or
  • the claim period’s deadline

You must request permission to apply or increase your previous claim after the claim period deadline

Contact CRA’s Business Enquiries phone line to see if you meet the necessary conditions to submit your late request to apply or change your application to increase your previous claim after the claim period deadline.

If you meet the criteria to submit a late request, you will then be able to apply or request to increase your previous claim using the regular methods:

After you submit your late request, CRA will review it and notify you when we have accepted, adjusted, or denied your claim.

If you do not meet the criteria to submit a late request, you may ask for a further review by logging into My Business Account and choosing “Register a formal dispute”.

Change a claim

To change an application you submitted, sign into:

You will need to make sure you continue to meet eligibility requirements for any updated claims, and keep records supporting your rent subsidy claim adjustment.

To change your application you will need:

  • your CERS number (123456789ZA0001, for example)
  • to know which claim period you are adjusting
  • all of the information necessary to change the amount on each line(s) you would like to adjust

Representatives who are changing a claim on behalf of an entity must be authorized at level 2 or 3. You will need to have an updated Attestation for owner/managers and/or senior employees to support the amended application.

Cancel a claim

To cancel an application, sign into:

After you sign in:

  • Choose the application you want to cancel
  • Change the amounts on lines 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, and 310 to zero
    • Do not change any other fields, including the property information details

You will need to return any rent subsidy you have already received if you cancel your application.

Return a payment

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