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Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

Calculate your subsidy amount

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How the calculator helps you

Use this calculator before you apply for the subsidy.

  1. Calculate your subsidy amount by entering employee pay information
  2. Print and save the numbers you'll need to enter when you apply
  3. Apply for the subsidy online through My Business Account, Represent a Client, or the Web Forms application using the information you printed

You can currently use the calculator for claim periods 1 to 16. New periods will be added as they become available. Closed periods will stay in the calculator for information purposes only.

The calculator automatically applies the best subsidy rate you qualify for (including applying any safe harbour and deeming rules) based on information you enter.

To understand the math behind the wage subsidy calculation, refer to how the subsidy is calculated.

Before you start the calculation

Check these boxes to confirm you are prepared before you start your calculation:

You should understand the definitions and gather all the necessary information before you calculate your claim.

Use the calculator

Privacy statement: This calculator does not collect or store your information

The CRA is not collecting or retaining any of the information you enter on this page or in the calculation spreadsheet. These amounts are only used to help you determine the amount of CEWS you may be eligible to claim. You may be required to provide a full list of your employees and their Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) for verification after you apply.

Warning: This calculator does not save any data and if you leave or refresh this page you may need to enter the information again.

  1. Step 1: Claim period

    Summary of Step 1

    • Claim period is:
  2. Step 2: Eligible remuneration for eligible employees

    You may calculate the amount of eligible remuneration (pay) for your eligible employees and basic CEWS using one of the calculators provided.

    1. Step 2A: Calculate the values using the spreadsheet or online calculator

      Calculator options

      You may prefer the online calculator if you:

      • can enter employee pay on a weekly basis, and
      • expect to complete your calculation now
      Online calculator

      Choose the spreadsheet if you:

      • want to enter pay on a bi-weekly basis
      • want to save your calculation and come back to it later, or
      Calculation spreadsheet

      Online calculator or spreadsheet

    2. Step 2B: Enter the values from the online calculator or spreadsheet

      If you used the spreadsheet, refer to the instructions and results sheet for the final values.


    Summary of Step 2

    • Line A Number of eligible employees =
    • Line B Total eligible remuneration paid =
    • Line C Basic CEWS (including top-up, if applicable) =
  3. Step 3: Premiums and contributions

    Enter the total employer-paid amount of premiums or contributions  paid on behalf of eligible employees on leave with pay  during the selected period. Enter $0 if not applicable.


    Summary of Step 3

    • Line D Employer’s EI and QPIP premiums payable on salary paid to employees on leave with pay (for the claim period) =
    • Line E Employer’s CPP and QPP contributions payable on salary paid to employees on leave with pay (for the claim period) =
  4. Step 4: Deductions

    10% Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers amount 


    Work-Sharing benefit program amount 


    Summary of Step 4

    • Line F 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers reduction (for the claim period) =
    • Line G Amounts received by eligible employees under ESDC's Work-Sharing benefit program (for the claim period) =
  5. Step 5: Get results

    After completing the four steps above, you can now calculate the results.

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