How to complete and file a Part XVIII Information Return – International Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts slips and summary

Under Part XVIII of the Income Tax Act, Canadian financial institutions are required to:

The following information relates to the reporting aspect — how to complete and file the new return. These instructions are to be used in conjunction with the Guidance on Enhanced Financial Accounts Information Reporting – Part XVIII of the Income Tax Act, XML specifications and schema. The guidance document provides details on due diligence and reporting obligations. It is also designed to help financial institutions prepare for the release of that information return.

Due date

The Part XVIII Information Return (slips and summary) must be filed before May 2nd of the following calendar year to which the information return applies.

When the due date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a public holiday recognized by the CRA, we consider your return to be on time if we receive it on the next business day. Your return is considered on time if we receive it or if it is postmarked on or before the next business day.

For example, returns for the 2020 tax year were due before May 2, 2021. Since May 1, 2021 was a Saturday, the due date was May 3, 2021.

What's new

Filer of Information Returns

Web Access Code

In October 2023, the Web Access Code digital service will be enhanced to allow information return filers to create, view, replace, or inactivate their web access code.

For more information, or to obtain your web access code, visit Online Web acces code.

Internet file transfer availability

Internet filing is available from January 9, 2023.


Registering for a U.S. identifier or CRA program account
Do you need a separate BN RZ program account?  Did you know you need access to My Business Account or Represent a Client?  Do you need a Web access code?
Completing Part XVIII Information Return slips and summary
Substantial variations from other information returns and how to complete account holders' slips and summary information.
Electronic filing only by using Internet file transfer (XML) or Web Forms
Filing by using the Web Forms and Internet file transfer (XML) applications, XML specifications and schema.
After you file a Part XVIII or Part XIX Information Return
Amending, cancelling or adding records, accessing your list of incomplete records on the CRA login services (My Business Account or Represent a Client).
Penalties and interest
Late filing and failure to file, failure to provide information, using the identification number, interest, cancelling or waiving penalties and interest, notices.

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If you need help

For more information on the electronic transmission of the return or the content, call 1-800-959-5525.

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