Making adjustments to the account balances

Your corporation may have different accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency based on the different types of payments you have to make. When you make a payment to the CRA, we allocate that particular payment to the account and tax year you provide.

We issue statements on a periodic basis. Review each statement to make sure we have applied your payments correctly.

You can transfer a payment online from one interim period to another or to pay an amount owing within a program account and between program accounts of the same nine-digit business number and immediately view the updated balance, including interest, if applicable, using the "View and pay account balance" service. You can also make an online request to transfer a payment using My Business Account's "Enquiries" service. Go to:

You can also write to your tax centre's Corporation Services section.


Payments are not transferable once your tax return has been assessed.

We do not transfer the overpayment to a related business number account if there is a missing return on your account.

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