Yukon carbon rebate

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Changes to the Yukon carbon rebate have been announced. See what's new for Yukon corporations.

The federal carbon levy is applied to fuels bought in Yukon. Yukon Carbon Rebate Program returns all carbon levy revenues back to individuals, businesses, First Nations governments, and municipal governments.

The Canada Revenue Agency administers parts of this program in the form of rebates.


For tax years ending after March 18, 2020, assets in capital cost allowance class 54 and class 55 have been added to the list of eligible assets under the program for non‑mining businesses.

For tax years ending after 2021, the list of assets eligible for the Super Green Credit under the carbon rebate program for non‑mining businesses includes Yukon assets in capital cost allowance class 56.

Claiming the rebate

File Schedule 444, Yukon Business Carbon Price Rebate, with your return.

On line 699 of Schedule 5, Tax Calculation Supplementary – Corporations, enter the amount of the rebate you are claiming.

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