Important dates for corporations





You have 90 days from the date of the notice of assessment or reassessment to file a formal objection.

See Resolving disputes for more information.

Refund interest

When the CRA refunds or applies an overpayment, it pays refund interest from certain dates.


The CRA will calculate late payment interest, refund interest, or both, for the carryback from 30 days after certain dates. See Effect of a carryback on interest for more information.


Within 45 days of incorporation, you should receive a notice confirming your business number (BN) and summary of accounts including your corporation income tax program account.

Fiscal period

The corporation's tax year is its fiscal period.

See Determining your corporation's tax year for more information.

Tax year-end

A corporation can use a calendar year for the GST/HST account or use the same fiscal period as the corporation income tax account.

To change your tax year-end, see Change of fiscal year-end.

Keeping records

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