Spouse's or common-law partner's travelling expenses

If a spouse or common-law partner accompanies an employee on a business trip, the amount you reimburse the employee for the spouse's or common-law partner's travelling expenses is a taxable benefit for the employee.

The reimbursement is not considered a taxable benefit if the spouse or common-law partner went at your request and was mostly engaged in business activities during the trip.

Include any GST/HST that applies in the value of this benefit.

For more information, see Archived Interpretation Bulletin IT-131R, Convention expenses.

Payroll deductions

If the benefit is taxable, it is also pensionable. Deduct income tax and CPP contributions. If the taxable benefit is paid in cash, it is insurable. Deduct EI premiums. If it is a non-cash benefit, it is not insurable. Do not deduct EI premiums.

Reporting the benefit

Report the taxable benefit in box 14 "Employment income" and in the "Other information" area under code 40 at the bottom of the T4 slip. For more information, see T4 – Information for employers.

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