Before you begin

Volunteer roles and responsibilities – Registration reminders

Before starting your training, review:

Registration requirements may vary depending on volunteer role(s). To participate as a CVITP volunteer for the upcoming tax season, ensure that you have met all of the requirements for your role(s). For more information on the different requirements, see Register to volunteer

Important note for returning volunteers

Remember to complete an online CVITP registration form, found under Register to volunteer, and complete the annual renewal of your EFILE account.

How to use this training

This training is designed to help new CVITP volunteers get ready to file tax returns. Returning volunteers can also benefit from reviewing the many resources, job aids and tips provided.

New CVITP volunteers are strongly encouraged to review the entire online training before preparing tax returns. The recommended order for the training is:

  1. Income tax basic concepts
  2. UFile overview
  3. Preparing income tax returns: before, during and after
  4. Auto-fill my return (if applicable)
  5. Frequent client scenarios

Under Frequent client scenarios, you will find the most common situations that volunteers encounter when preparing tax returns at free tax clinics. Your community organization may serve specific clientele, for example, students. To help you determine which Frequent client scenario(s) you should review, speak to your community organization’s coordinator to confirm if specific clientele(s) are assisted at their free tax clinics.

Depending on your individual needs, and the clientele assisted by your organization, it may be beneficial for you to complete more than one scenario.

Each client specific scenario contains:

New and returning volunteers should review Overview of what’s new for information on updates to the CVITP, the income tax and benefit return, and other related topics.

Volunteers are also encouraged to sign up for the live webinars to complement the online training. A variety of sessions covering different topics are presented, including some tailored for specific, regional needs.

You will receive notification of the upcoming training sessions being offered.

Attending these supplemental webinars will provide the opportunity to ask CRA coordinators questions in real time. We recommend reviewing the online training materials related to the webinar training session before attending.

Enjoy your training and have a great tax season!

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