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Take this online course to learn about personal income taxes in Canada.


  1. Starting to work

    Why you need a social insurance number (SIN), when to fill out a TD1 form, and what’s on your pay stub and T4 slip.

    • 4 lessons
    • 29 minutes total
  2. Preparing to do your taxes

    Find out what you’ll need to know before doing your taxes and the different ways to do them.

    • 3 lessons
    • 27 minutes total
  3. Completing a basic tax return

    An introduction to a basic income tax and benefit return. What you need to report, how to claim deductions and tax credits, and finding out whether you will get a refund or owe tax.

    • 7 lessons
    • 76 minutes total
  4. After sending us your tax return

    What you’ll need to know after you’ve done your taxes, including understanding your notice of assessment, paying off a balance owing, and interacting with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

    • 4 lessons
    • 38 minutes total
  5. Using My Account

    The services available through this online portal, how to access them, and why you may want to register.

    • 2 lessons
    • 12 minutes total
  6. Purpose of taxes

    An introduction to what taxes are, why they are collected, and how Canada's tax system works.

    • 4 lessons
    • 21 minutes total
  7. Accessing your benefits and credits

    Some of the benefits and credits the CRA administers, what you might be eligible for, and how to keep getting your benefit payments.

    • 2 lessons
    • 19 minutes total

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