After Form T2201 is sent – Step-by-step process

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Step 1 – Form T2201 is received at the CRA

The CRA receives the fully completed and signed Form T2201, Disability Tax Credit Certificate.

Step 2 – Application is reviewed

The CRA will assess the application to determine if the person is eligible for the disability tax credit (DTC) based on the information given by the medical practitioner. If we need more information, we may contact you or the medical practitioner.

If you sent your Form T2201 with your tax return, the CRA will review your application before assessing your tax return.


If we ask you to send supporting documents or receipts, you may do so by using My Account. You will receive a letter containing a reference number and instructions on how to proceed.

Step 3 – CRA’s decision

The CRA will send you a notice of determination to inform you of our decision.

The application is approved

The notice of determination will show which year(s) the person is eligible for the DTC. You won't need to submit a new Form T2201 each year, unless we tell you that we need one. Information about other programs that are dependent on eligibility for the DTC may also be included in the notice of determination.

You can view your DTC information in My Account.

You must tell us if your medical condition improves to the point that you no longer meet the criteria for the DTC.

The application is denied

The notice of determination will explain why the application was denied. Check your copy of Form T2201 against the reason(s) given. We make our decision based on the information given by the medical practitioner.

If you disagree with our decision, you still have options:

1. You can write your tax centre  and ask them to review your application. You must include any relevant medical information that you have not already sent, such as medical reports or a letter from a medical practitioner who is familiar with your situation. This information should describe how the impairment affects the activities of daily living.

2. You can call us to ask questions or to discuss your application:

3. You can file a formal objection to our decision. The time limit for filing an objection is no later than 90 days after the CRA mails the notice of determination.

Step 4 – Claim the disability amount

The notice of determination provides instructions about which year(s) you can claim the disability amount on your tax return.

For more information, see Claiming the disability amount once the DTC application is approved

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