Line 25500 – Completing your tax return

Use Form T2222, Northern Residents Deductions, to calculate the northern residents deductions that you can claim.

Enter the amount from line 19 of Form T2222 on line 25500 of your return.

If you have not lived in a prescribed zone for a continuous period of at least six consecutive months at the time you file your return, you do not yet qualify. File your return without making the claim. When you qualify, you can ask the CRA to adjust your return. To do so, follow the instructions at How to change a return.

Keep your receipts and other supporting documents

Have all your supporting documents on hand (including the lowest return airfare available at the time of the trip) when you are completing Form T2222.

Keep all the receipts and documents to support your claim for at least six years in case your return is being reviewed.

Filing online
Keep all your supporting documents in case the CRA asks to see them at a later date.

Filing a paper return
Attach your completed Form T2222, but do not send your other documents. Keep them in case the CRA asks to see them at a later date.


A travel itinerary or other proof of travel, including the receipts for accommodations may be required to support the travel part of a claim.

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