Line 40425 – Federal dividend tax credit

Note: Line 40425 was line 425 before tax year 2019.

If you reported dividends on line 12000 of your return, claim on line 40425 of your return the total of the dividend tax credits from taxable Canadian corporations shown on your information slips.

The dividend tax credit amounts are usually shown on a T5 slipT4PS slipT3 slip, and T5013 slip.

If you did not receive an information slip
Amount of eligible dividends Amount of dividends other than eligible dividends
Multiply the taxable amount of eligible dividends that you reported on line 12000 of your return by 15.0198%. Multiply the taxable amount that you reported on line 12010 of your return by 9.0301%.


Foreign dividends do not qualify for this credit.

Completing your tax return

Enter the amount of your federal dividend tax credit on line 40425 of your return.

Complete Form 428 for your province or territory of residence to calculate the provincial or territorial dividend tax credit that you may be entitled to.

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