Form T2091(IND), Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence by an Individual (Other Than a Personal Trust)

Use Form T2091(IND) to designate a property as a principal residence. This form will help you calculate the number of years that you can designate your home as your principal residence, as well as the part of the capital gain, if any, that you have to report. Complete Form T2091(IND) and include it with your income tax and benefit return in any of the following situations:


If you filed Form T664 or T664 (Seniors) for the property you are disposing of, you may be able to claim a capital gains reduction.

Completing your T2091(IND) and Schedule 3

Enter the amount of your capital gain from line 54 of the T2091(IND) on line 15800 of Schedule 3.

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