Tax slips: Get a copy of your slips

Get your T4, T5, T3, T2202, RC62, RC210 or RRSP slips 

Slips are prepared by your employer, payer, administrator or financial institution. You should receive most of your slips (including your T4, T4A, and T5 slips) and receipts by the end of February. However, T3, and T5013 slips do not have to be sent before the end of March.

To get your Old age security (OAS), employment insurance (EI) or Canada Pension Plan (CPP) slips, sign in to Service Canada.

If your tax slip is late or lost

Ask your employer or the issuer of the slip for a copy.

If you do not expect to get a tax slip

You have 2 options:

Option 1:
Get your tax slip from the CRA

You may be able to get a slip for a current or previous year if the issuer sent them to the CRA.


If you use My Account, you may be able to view your tax slips online.

By phone:
Get tax slips by phone
Before you call

To verify your identify, you will need:

  • your social insurance number
  • full name and date of birth
  • your complete address
  • details from your notice of assessment or reassessment, proof of income, or other tax document

If you are calling the CRA on behalf of someone else, you must be an authorized representative.

Telephone number


Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut:

Outside Canada and U.S. (operates in ET):

Table 1
Day Hours
Mon to Fri 9 am to 5 pm (local time)
Sat and Sun Closed

Closed on public holidays.

Option 2:
Estimate your income without tax slips

If you can't get a slip in time to file your taxes, you can estimate your income. Add up your pay stubs or financial statements to estimate the amount of income to report and any related deductions and credits you can claim.

Include a note with your return stating the name and address of the issuer of the slip, the type of income, and what you are doing to get the slip.

  • If you file electronically: Keep all of your documents in case the CRA asks to see them later.
  • If you file a paper return: Attach a copy of the pay stubs or statements and your note to your paper return. Keep your original documents.

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