Authorize a representative: Overview

My Trust Account portal for representatives

The CRA has launched My Trust Account, a secure portal that lets legal and authorized representatives of trust accounts manage trust information online. You can securely access My Trust Account services through Represent a Client.

For more information, go to About My Trust Account.

Process for confirming a representative

Authorization requests submitted through Represent a Client or EFILE for business may need to be confirmed by the client from one of the CRA's sign-in services. To learn more about the process and some exceptions, go to Confirm my representative's authorization request.

All electronic authorization requests by representatives for individuals and business clients will not be activated until the representative has been verified. The CRA may contact clients to verify the representative's authorization request.

1. Overview

What your representative can do

When you authorize a representative, you are letting them represent you for your personal tax, business tax, non-resident tax, or trust tax matters.

With authorization, your representative could do one or more of the following:

Your representative's access to your tax information remains until you or they cancel the access or it expires (if an expiry date was included in the authorization request). Your representative's access won't expire when the CRA is notified of your death, unless they were your legal representative.

For information on how to cancel authorization, go to Cancel authorization for a representative.

What you can do

From the "Profile" section in My Account, under "Authorized representative(s)," you can:

From the "Profile" section in My Business Account, within the "Authorized representatives" section, select "Manage authorized representatives" to:

For information about corporations, go to Access to corporate tax information.

To access My Trust Account, enter the Trust Number (T3) on the "Welcome" screen of Represent a Client.

From the "Profile" section, under "Authorized representative(s)," you can:

Who can be my representative

Your representative is a person, a group of people or a business that you authorize to deal with the CRA for you, such as:

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