Research and business intelligence

Research and business intelligence

Industry sector data, financial benchmarks, labour trends and business statistics.

Services and information

Conducting market research

How to design a market research campaign to help improve your business decisions.

Directories of Canadian companies

Registering as a Canadian supplier, searching for competitors and checking a company's incorporation status.

International trade data

Data and market intelligence for export development, importing and foreign investment business planning.

Industry sector intelligence

Statistics, market intelligence and business resources for each industry sector.

Financial performance data

Reports to help you compare your business' financial data with industry averages.

Intellectual property business intelligence

Using intellectual property to learn about innovations in your field, potential partnerships and more.

Small business research and statistics

The latest research and statistics about small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada.

Labour market data

Monthly job market trends, news bulletins and labour force information and analysis from across Canada.

Customizable portal for statistics data

Frequently accessed data, reports, notifications and discussions via your My StatCan account.

Small Business Hub

Get the demographic data you need to better understand your target markets.

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