Arts Market Survey

Current status: Closed

The survey took place between November 9, 2023, and December 21, 2023.

About the survey

In the December 2021 mandate letter to the ministers of Canadian Heritage, and Innovation, Science and Industry, the Government was tasked with establishing a resale right for artists, also known as Artist’s Resale Right or ARR. The Government sees this commitment as an important step toward improving the economic conditions of Canadian visual artists, by enabling them to financially benefit from their growing reputations and secondary sales as their careers progress, while maintaining a functioning national market for artwork.

Canada’s art market lacks data that will be useful in taking the next steps toward the implementation of an ARR and this survey will allow Canadian Heritage to better understand the Canadian art market.

From November 9, 2023, to December 21, 2023, the Department published an online questionnaire to gather information on the Canadian art market from the perspective of art buyers, artists and sellers of art.

What is the focus of this survey

The Government of Canada is working toward implementing an ARR. The objective of the survey is to gather market data to better understand Canada’s art market. Questions surrounding the practices of buying art, selling art, and creating art in Canada and throughout the world will be asked and participants will help the Government gain valuable data about how Canada’s art market functions.

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