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What we heard across Canada:Canadian Content in a Digital World Consultation Report

What We Heard Across Canada Consultation Report

In September 2016, Minister Joly launched an important step in an ambitious cultural policy review – far-reaching consultations to explore how to strengthen the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content in a digital world. We invited Canadians to share their ideas, solutions and vision during in-person events, on our web portal and on social media. Submissions, summaries of the meetings and the What We Heard Across Canada Consultation Report, prepared by Ipsos Public Affairs, are based on the input of tens of thousands of Canadians. This input will play a key role in informing next steps as we prepare to modernize our cultural policy toolkit - one that is better suited to today's digital reality.

Thank You from the Government of Canada

Thank you all for your participation and for the enthusiasm you have shown throughout this process. Preliminary numbers indicate that approximately 30,000 Canadians demonstrated an interest in our #DigiCanCon consultations through various platforms, including in-person events, the Web portal and social media engagement.

Curious about the input provided by Canadians and stakeholders during the consultations? Have a look at the submissions and ideas and the consultation in-person event recaps.

An event summary report of the roundtable held in Iqaluit is also available.

To find out more about the consultation process, please consult our background documents.

Digital Consultation Participation (Transcript)

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