Agricultural practices

Find information on soil, water and climate conditions across Canada. Learn about farming practices to preserve land and water.



Soil and land

Find information about soil quality, tillage systems, forage and crop rotations, drought, irrigation, water and nutrient management, and other farming practices.


Learn about the benefits of growing trees or shrubs in your fields or on your pastureland, and how to plan and establish wind breaks.

Agriculture and climate

Find information on weather and climate conditions as they relate to agriculture.

Agriculture and water

Learn more about farming practices to protect water quality, including ways to protect wells and groundwater, ponds and dugouts, and the watershed as a whole.

What we are doing


Ahead of the Herd in Cutting Cattle Carbon

A new study led by an AAFC researcher has revealed that Canada's beef sector has reduced its environmental footprint over the past 30 years.

Healthier Soil May Mean Healthier Yield

Plots at Potato Research Centre in Fredericton receiving compost.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has joined forces with McCain Foods Canada and the province’s potato growers in a major project to improve potato yields in New Brunswick by improving soil health.

Agri-food Trade Commissioners at Your Service

Canadian Agri-food Trade Commissioners

In 161 offices worldwide and across Canada, our trade commissioners provide expert advice everywhere you do business.

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